Death Doula Training/End-Of-Life Midwifery For Eternal Rest And Passing Launch

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The Human Journey announces its new schedule for death doula training for 2022. The program is meant to teach students to become end-of-life midwives, offering physical and emotional support to patients during one of the most feared human experiences in the world.

As there are midwives for birth, so too should there be for death. The Human Journey is one of the few training centers worldwide that offers training for death doulas. With its new training schedules for the next year, the group encourages more students to come to terms with their own finite experience so that they can help those on their end-of-life journey.

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Becoming a death doula offers spiritual and emotional benefits for both the students and those receiving the support. The group explains that death, though feared, is a shared human experience, and says that its 2022 training continues its mission of providing end-of-life guidance to those that need it the most.

Students first learn to experience their own death – a death of the self and ego. Though challenging, the experience prepares the beginner death doula to understand the varied emotions that come with the end of a cherished idea. This builds empathy and compassion and colors the way the doula will speak to their patients once they graduate.

The Human Journey explains that life is composed of both light and dark, life and death. Either side should be respected, and guidance should be made for both. It is for this reason that it created its death doula training. It says that the reflection of childbirth, with its vibrancy, color, and joy, is death which is often less filled with much fanfare.

Those who regularly deal with death explain that regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, death is an experience that all humans share, and this experience needs to be acknowledged and supported by a doula.

Those who attend the training are encouraged to reflect on how they would want to be called after they graduate. Some students prefer using the term “end-of-life doulas”, whereas others want to be called “death doulas”. Regardless, the program helps students become emotional midwives for those on their journey home.

Students can enroll in the problem by registering on The Human Journey’s website.

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