Dearborn MI 360 Tobacco Branded Premium Flavored Shisha Classic Series Launched

The Hookah Shop, a hookah, shisha and tobacco store located in Dearborn, Michigan, has just announced that they will now carry 360 Tobacco shisha products.

The Hookah Shop, a company based out of Dearborn, Michigan specializing in hookah and tobacco products, has announced an update to its services to include 360 Tobacco shisha products.

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This latest update will help customers located in Dearborn, Michigan and across the United States access high-quality shisha and tobacco products.

Shisha is a sweet tobacco mix containing molasses, glycerine, herbs, and dried fruits and is usually smoked using a hookah. Shisha has been used as a means of relaxation for centuries in the Middle East and South Asia and has become increasingly popular in the United States since the 1990s.

The Hookah Shop’s 360 Tobacco products are crafted in small batches using premium ingredients. Moreover, 360 Tobacco products are hand-packed in flavor-lock packaging, ensuring long-lasting taste.

The company carries both 360 Tobacco’s Classic Series and Cosmic Series, which come in a variety of unique flavors. The Classic Series, for example, includes flavors such as California tangerine, cool mint, guava twist, mango moon and strawberry margarita.

The brand’s Cosmic Series offers twelve different flavors that align with each star sign. Gemini, for example, aligns with the flavor arctic summer, Cancer with black snow mint, Libra with Masala Chai, and Pisces with summer breeze, Taurus with Habibi, Capricron with Chi Power and so on.

In addition to 360 Tobacco branded products, The Hookah Shop also carries shisha products by brands such as Al-Fakher Tobacco, Eternal Smoke, Khalil Maamoon Tobacco, Malaki Tobacco and Fumari Tobacco among others.

This latest announcement is in line with The Hookah Shop’s commitment to provide its customers with a wide range of excellent hookah and shisha products. Moreover, the company has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality products and excellent service.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We at the Hookah Shop are very excited to announce that we will now be carrying 360 Tobacco branded products. We understand that quality and variety are both important to our customers and we are confident that we will deliver both with 360 Tobacco products.”

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