Daytona Beach FL Investment – Life Settlement Low-Risk Alternative Launched

Peninsula Capital Partners now offers individuals the chance to enter a market that has long been utilized by wealthy investors only, by enabling them to invest in life settlements.

Peninsula Capital Partners, an investment company based in Daytona Beach, Florida, has updated its range of alternative investment solutions. The firm now offers individual investors in Florida and California the opportunity to receive fixed future payouts by investing in life settlements that institutional investors have long recognized as a valuable source of liquidity.

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With the updated service, Peninsula Capital Partners seeks to provide retail investors with a safe method of generating stable income through investments that are not tied to the economy, commodities, or interest rates. Life settlements carry a low downside risk and are not correlated to stock market volatility, providing investors with a reliable option to diversify their portfolios and optimize return potential.

Life settlements involve the sale of an insurance policy to an investor or third party in return for a lump-sum payment. After the transaction, the investor assumes ownership of the policy and holds it until maturity, acquiring all beneficiary rights that go along with the contract, including future premium payments. For a quick overview of the product and process, please visit:

This alternative investment class is also called senior settlements since those who sell their policies in exchange for a life settlement are generally older people seeking to complement their retirement income, cover medical costs, or simply limit overall expenses.

The life settlement market is regulated in most US states, giving both sellers and investors additional protection during the transaction process. In order to make the most of this non-traditional asset class, investors need to ensure that the company they are working with has the necessary experience and skills to handle the process adequately. For more background on our life settlement team and the process, please visit:

Peninsula Capital Partners, led by industry expert Chris Attaway, partners with Bedrock Capital Group, Select Policy Group (SPG), and AIP Capital to allow individuals across Florida and California to invest in life settlement insurance policies. By accessing this lucrative market niche, Florida and California residents have the chance to capitalize on the benefits that leading banks, hedge funds, and large investors like Warren Buffet have enjoyed for a long.

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