Dayton OH Whole House Electric Generator Installation – Automatic System Launch

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A range of fully automatic whole house generators has been launched by Garber Electric of Dayton, OH. The generators are designed to automatically supply all the power a home needs during outages.

Garber Electric, based in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, has launched a range of low-noise, eco-friendly, fully automatic, whole house generators. The increasing unreliability of the electrical grid makes a whole-house standby generator a more appealing option for homeowners.

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The recently launched, fully automatic, residential backup generators will start by themselves in the event that power is lost to the home. The backup generator will run and provide the premises with the power it requires throughout the period of the outage. Once power is restored to the property via the grid system, the standby generator will automatically switch off.

Smart home mobile app technology means home and business owners can receive notifications on any smartphone device to let them know the standby generator has been called into action. The app will also notify them when power is restored and the generator returns to standby mode.

Power outages are becoming increasingly prevalent, whether due to the unreliability of the service providers, or service interruptions due to storms, earthquakes, fires, or other natural causes. Losing access to light, heating, or cooling devices during a natural disaster can be life-threatening for some.

Whole house generators can comfortably service the power needs of a household for an extended period, unlike temporary or portable generators that usually only have the power to maintain one or two essential appliances. Traditional standby generators are often noisy, unfriendly to the environment, require manual operation, and cannot be operated for long periods.

In addition to being eco-friendly, whole house generators can operate using a variety of fuel sources including liquid propane, diesel, and natural gas. The programming of whole house generators offers advanced control of load management and improved control of air-conditioning cycles.

Garber Electric can install and maintain whole-house generators throughout the Dayton and Central Ohio area, providing backup power and giving home and business owners peace of mind during a crisis. The smartphone app will notify the home or business owner each time the generator starts or stops, and will flag up when annual maintenance and service visits are due.

Interested parties can contact Garber Electric on 877-771-5202 for a no-cost consultation on the price and process of installing a fuel-efficient, quiet-running, and low-maintenance whole house generator.

A spokesperson for the company said: “In Dayton and Central Ohio, there are countless ways in which a home’s power can go out, including a local electrical grid becoming overloaded, natural disasters, and severe weather. A whole house generator keeps air-conditioning, internet, home, and business security systems, and a whole lot more, operating when disaster strikes.”

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