Dayton OH 24 Hour Locksmiths Contactless Payment Platform GOA Solution Launched

Grab Customers has launched a digital payment option solution which simplifies payment transactions for Locksmiths within the Dayton, OH area. Companies and customers using this technology are ensured a fast, secure, and streamlined contactless payment method.

A contactless payment solution that benefits Locksmiths in Dayton, Ohio, has been launched by Grab Customers. This technology applies a simplified payment platform for Locksmiths to work and transact.

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By launching this payment platform, Grab Customers aims to supply viable solutions for Locksmiths in the Dayton, OH area. The “Gone on Arrival” or GOA scenario is a situation where Locksmiths often experience frustration. The caller puts in a request, the Locksmith is dispatched and arrives at the agreed location to find the requester gone. The dispatch comes at a cost to the Locksmith company incurring a loss.

When a Locksmith business utilizes the contactless payment option, payment for the services rendered is secured. This is accomplished through the digital platform in several ways. For instance, the customer can make an initial down payment when placing the service request, and pay the total when the work is completed. This gives the Locksmith dispatched peace of mind that a GOA situation won’t occur.

There are features to the contactless payment option that can be attractive to clients as well. A few of these are being able to store multiple payment methods, auto-payment, and access to transaction history. These actions can be done on any device, anywhere, and at any time.

When dealing with a client emergency, Locksmiths who work a 24-hour schedule find the contactless payment option to be a practical solution. It is easy to use, secure, and the transaction is completed quickly. This appeals to all parties involved.

In addition to the appealing features the contactless payment platform possesses, it is a method that has become almost ubiquitous due to the current pandemic the world is experiencing. This technology offers a safe way to transact for a business and customer and is an expected option.

Locksmiths can view a full demo of the service at the URL above. Engaging in a live session with Grab Customers’ team will also show additional solutions that can be implemented when using the contactless payment option.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

Release ID: 88993790