Day 7 Launch, Instamate Coupon Discount, Approaches End: Walker Reduced To Tears

Instamate announces the coming end of its 7 day launch and coupon discount, prepares for transition to a monthly continuity subscription, and the ending ceremony closes with a speech. More details can be found by visiting and

Following a highly successful 7 day launch, the industry’s first web-based Instagram marketing app, Instamate, is set to close its doors to lifetime membership. In preparation for expiring its well-received Instamate coupon discount option, and transitioning over to a recurring continuity-based subscription, founder and CEO Luke Maguire was notably busy handing out last minute gifts and bonuses for the final batch of last minute subscribers.

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The launch consisted of a series of exciting events and festivities divided throughout a one week period, including several sumo wrestling matches between members, list building challenges for children, and various buffet preparations. The participation of several high-profile industry leaders in the launch resulted in Instamate becoming one of the best selling developments in all of JVZoo history.

One of the industry’s legends, Allen Walker, The Mysterious Marketer, was visibly moved during the launch closing ceremony, and concluded it with a memorable speech:

“During this launch, I met many new acquaintances, rekindled many old friendships, found true love, and experienced many things that I’ve never experienced before. Who would have thought that this launch would turn itself into the adventure of a lifetime? As I try to hold back my tears, I would like to thank Luke Maguire for organizing this life-changing event. And for opening the way for us into the next generation, the final frontier.

Many people said that it could not be done. But then, they said that to Thomas Edison as well. And look what happened to him.”

A speech was also given during the launch by Instamate founder and CEO Luke Maguire, as he discussed the situation that led to the software’s development:

“There was no way at all to manage my Instagram accounts from my computer! Instagram is a smart phone app and it simply sucked to have to find content, sync it to my phone, download multiple 3rd party tools to edit photos. And have to set alarms of when to post at prime times in hope that it would go viral after all this work, then do the same for all my other accounts.

So it made me think, what if I could automate this entire process from my computer?”

Earlier this week, a rare Instamate coupon was unexpectedly leaked, resulting in some confusion during the launch festivities. The problem was promptly fixed and adjustments were made with the release of several other coupons and discounts to balance out the deficit.

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