Davenport IA Telemedicine Service Walk-In Patients Alternative Launched

A walk-in clinic in Davenport, Iowa has launched an online telemedicine service to provide patients with urgent care an easy way to consult with a doctor without leaving home.

A walk-in clinic in Davenport, Iowa has launched a telemedicine service that allows patients in Davenport and nearby areas in the Quad Cities to consult with a physician without the need to leave their home.

More information is available at https://www.amanacareclinic.com

Amana Care Walk-In Clinic (Amana Care) stated that it launched the service to protect its patients and lessen the risk of catching the coronavirus. According to the clinic, the telemedicine visit feature allows patients who require check-ups, specialist consultations, and other clinical services to access them at the comfort and safety of their homes.

According to Amana Care, its walk-in services are still available, so no appointment is necessary for walk-ins. But because of the ongoing pandemic, the clinic recently announced that it will require walk-in patients to be screened for and cleared of COVID-19 before they are allowed inside the clinic.

The telemedicine feature gives patients who do not wish to undergo the screening process with a more direct way to speak with a physician. Additionally, the clinic updated its website to include information and resources about the coronavirus pandemic, which are free to read and download.

The clinic also stated that the service is novel and different from its online reservation service, which only allows patients to make an appointment through its website.

Telemedicine refers to health services delivered to patients remotely using various telecommunications technology, such as online video conferencing. This form of practice can be used for consultations, diagnosis, and even treatment.

Telemedicine adoption is rapidly growing worldwide, particularly in the United States. Earlier, the American Medical Association called the practice a “crucial” way of delivering care and keeping health care workers safe from the coronavirus.

“We’ve launched our telemedicine service to give our patients, especially those who have urgent medical needs, a way to receive care without the need to leave home,” a clinic spokesperson said. “Telemedicine gives anyone access to expert medical care without putting themselves or their loved ones at risk by going outside amid a pandemic.”

Amana Care has been providing patients with urgent care needs in Davenport and its surrounding areas with diagnostic and treatment services. The clinic is equipped with modern exam rooms and laboratory equipment and is capable of providing a broad range of medical procedures.

More information about the clinic’s online telemedicine service can be accessed through URLs above or on their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/amanacareclinic

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