Dave Parker, Owner of Matthews NC Plumbing Company, Picks Top 2016 Drain Product

Owner of ER Plumbing Services, David Parker, announces 2016 Top Pick for Drain Cleaning Solutions.

David Parker, owner of Matthews NC plumbing company ER Plumbing Services, announces his top choice for 2016 of drain cleaning solutions: Bio Clean, a natural, nontoxic cleaner that uses bacteria to eat away organic matter lining pipes and clogging drains.

“We’re fans of nontoxic solutions that are environmentally friendly,” Parker says. “Not only because it’s better for the world at large, but also because these types of products are safer for households with children and pets, and because we believe in using products that are not hazardous to use.”

Throughout the year Parker shares advice and favorite products, solutions and techniques with his followers through his blog and his Q&A column, ASK DAVE. He answers questions like, “What is the best hot water heater of the year?”, “What is the most reliable way to snake a drain” or “What is the best way to clean a garbage disposal?” The forum allows visitors to post questions and get plumbing advice, both for do-it-yourselfers and to help people troubleshoot everyday plumbing problems.

This year Parker decided to highlight a particular drain cleaning product. “We chose Bio Clean because we’ve seen too many people get hurt using harsh, caustic chemical drain cleaners. The truth is, the drain cleaners you find on the shelves of your grocery store or hardware store are usually very dangerous. They burn a hole through the clogged pipe, but they don’t truly clean out all of the gunk. They leave a lot of build up behind, leaving the drain prone to another clog later on.”

“Safety always comes first in my book,” says Parker. “Chemical cleaners can cause blindness or chemical burns, and they often don’t really work. That’s why we recommend a natural, nontoxic cleaner like Bio Clean, or even something as simple as baking soda and vinegar. It’s far better to go natural and safe than to risk your own safety, the safety of kids (if they get into the cleaner), and the environment.”

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