Dave Forester talks MIT45’s new way to measure & improve company performance.

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The lack of structure and corporate professionalism in the industry is about to become a thing of the past according to Dave Forester, corporate marketing manager for MIT45

Salt Lake City, UT – MIT45 recently brought on a tenured marketing professional, Dave Forester, to help develop high-level corporate marketing strategies as this upcoming lifestyle brand has quickly grown and is taking over the industry. This is not only helping the industry improve the standards customers have come to know and love – particularly since MIT45 which has become the Gold Standard in the industry – but is also helping this company stretch its legs and quickly capitalize on newfound market share the competition hasn’t discovered exists. This is helping MIT45 bridge the gap into multiple other markets previously untouched and quickly redefining the boundaries of this young industry.

Mr. Forester, who has 16 years of experience in marketing and film working with fortune 500 companies and 6 years leading the marketing division, has been instrumental in helping his previous company double their revenue to $300M over 3 years. Now he has joined the MIT45 team and is ready to help develop new sales channels and expand the corporate marketing programs. He found a culture fit with MIT45, which has been recognized in multiple publications (such as LA Newswire) for the excellence in corporate culture, award-winning products, and much more. Dave recently had this to say about one of his latest projects…

“I’ve had several discussions with network marketing professionals, and they typically repeat some version of, ‘Commission plans suck’. They are always overly complicated, have intentional pitfalls, and usually have significant hoops to jump through in order to make any real money. It’s my mission to make sure they have a real commission structure that rewards them and continues to reward them the more they perform. Also, I am making sure that we treat them as partners and not a nuisance – we want to show them they’re a valued part of the team.

To emphasize the point, I’ll share a story that happened at a previous company of mine. Jane (not her real name) joined an organization (in a similar industry) as a distributor. She then brought in multiple celebrities and athletes resulting in more than $5M in annual sales. However, despite this massive contribution, the structure of the commission plan kept her from earning anything even though she was the person responsible for bringing the former football player to the company. This is simply one illustration among thousands that I’ve seen throughout the years. That’s why we wanted to create a commission structure outside of the typical Social Selling structure. Streamlined and simple; use your ability for social selling and get paid a commission for each transaction. And if you bring someone else to the company, we’ll say thank you for bypassing a commission override on every transaction that you sell. And we’re the only one in the industry where you keep your customers forever!”

This is just one area MIT45 is quickly accelerating into and taking over within the industry. With multiple executives having massive experience in partner programs and revenue share programs, the future is bright for those who are looking to partner with a powerhouse in the industry. Keep an eye out for this company from Salt Lake City as they continue to knock down obstacles and expand rapidly. The future is bright as the industry quickly develops.

You can learn more about MIT45 by going to their website. To learn about MIT45 wholesale opportunities and why it is the fastest-growing brand in convenience stores go to Mit45Merchants.com

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