Data Science Education For Managers Best Learning/Career Resources Site Launched

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Data Science For Managers has launched a new website for business leaders and managers, featuring educational content and industry news that informs enterprise decision-making.

The new data science website features in-depth articles about various aspects of data science and its importance and application to businesses. Data Science for Managers showcases a combination of industry reports and practical career advice.

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The new website covers a wide range of data science-related subjects including coding in Python, data science courses and certifications, analytics, and more. For managers who lack a background in data science, the site offers a high-level explanation of what big data is, its value, and how it is being used to drive decision-making in business, government, and almost every other type of organization.

A recent article on Harvard Business School online quoted the statistic that every second, some 1.7 megabytes of data are generated per person, and the volume of data will continue to rise. This digitally generated information is termed “big data,” and it is being used to drive changes in all aspects of life.

Increasing numbers of data scientists and other data science professionals are needed to capture, process, and interpret this tidal wave of data. Industry organizations predict the number of data scientists in employment will rise by 15% by 2029, nearly four times faster than the projected average growth for all occupations.

The new website explains what a data scientist does and how to become one. For example, articles explain the differing roles of a data scientist and a data engineer, identify useful data science qualifications, and highlight available career paths.

Other articles explain key terms such as the difference between data analytics and data analysis and point to helpful educational courses ranging from high-level classes on data science to the best way to learn how to program in Python.

More about Data Science for Managers

Data Science for Managers was set up to build a library of information and guidance on data science that is freely accessible to all. Consequently, the website has no paywall.

A spokesperson said: “We are excited to launch our free to use website that provides accessible, informative, and useful insights into the theory and application of data science in industry and elsewhere.”

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