Data Recovery Dublin Ireland Company Offers Professional Storage Training Course

A Dublin, Ireland Data Recovery company is planning to offer an intensive professional training course on the analysis and repair of electronic storage media. DataRescue Dublin is one of Irelands longest-established data recovery providers and the course will make use of their experience and facilities.

With more of memories and critical information stored on digital technology, the demand for experts who can restore the data when it goes bad is increasing. Dublin Data Recovery company DataRescue Dublin is launching a professional training course to allow people to offer such needed services.

DataRescue Dublin is one of the longest-established data recovery companies in Ireland. Founded in 1996 it continues to succeed in restoring lost data in over 96% of cases it deals with.

The knowledge required to restore data from such complex and increasingly miniaturised components is one that is in increasing demand and yet is not taught in formal education.

It is with this in mind that DataRescue has decided to offer professional training.

“Our staff primarily come to us from the storage industry where they learn these skills on the job,” says DataRescue founder John O’Shea. “But apart from this route there is no other way to learn these skills. We felt that with our experience and expertise we could help remedy this situation.”

The initial course is planned to start in September 2017. It will take place 3 evenings a week for 6 months on DataRescue’s premises. The course will consist of a mix of theoretical and practical modules, including comprehensive time spent in a clean-room environment.

Information will be available on the companies website at

The intention is that, at the end of the course the participants will have skills and knowledge that will both be in demand from employers and also open up the opportunity to start a business if they wish. These will include a knowledge of how the different storage technologies have evolved, the pros and cons of each and how they differ in their failure modes, and the methods to retrieve data from them.

The final dates for the training will be set once the numbers interested in the course are known. Those interested should contact John O’Shea of DataRescue directly.

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