Data Centre Relocation specialists based in Farnborough launch new service

Data centre relocations can be a tricky thing to accomplish, hiring the right person for the job is essential. Read more:

If you’ve ever been blessed with the chance to work in IT and with data centres, you’ll know all too well how tricky it can be sometimes. Even as a business owner, the task of relocating your data centre can be tedious and prolonging. This is all about to change, as a reputable company based in Farnborough, United Kingdom are set to take over the server relocation services industry with the release of its data centre relocation service.

Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd have a collective 30 years experience in providing consumers with data centre relocation services, as well as IT transition and technical refresh solutions – even to some of the worlds leading companies such as nVidea and Oracle.

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The relocation of a main server within a company is labelled as a highly technical task that shouldn’t be taken lightly at all, it requires key specialist knowledge to carry out effectively without any data loss and not just any Joe from accounting can waltz into the IT department and spin up an entire relocation plan and carry it out, it has to be someone with the expertise required and not ensuring the correct person has been selected for the job could result in dire consequences for business owners, resulting in loss of data, user profiles or even worse – profit.

Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd can handle all types and sizes of data centre relocation demands in a very safe and secure manner. The company’s team are experts at de-racking and re-racking server, storage and network equipment, and have a vast amount of experience working across a multitude of hardware platforms.

All operating personnel at Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd are cleared to a Security Check Enhanced level. Strict security protocols are also enforced to ensure the discreet and safe transportation of servers and data.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Delivering critical and complex IT projects must be approached with the utmost professionalism, and taking the time to understand your exact needs is our number one priority. Our tried and tested process driven approach means we are chosen time and time again by leading organisations to deliver the critical IT projects that can’t go wrong.”

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