DashNex Offers Local Pickup and Payment Options with new E-commerce Store Update

The feature improvements provided are expected to boost online sales of e-commerce stores by providing businesses the opportunity to offer “local pickup” on their e-commerce site.

DashNex, a leading e-commerce platform, has released a version update enabling end-users to pickup purchased products from a local address and offering stores multiple payment options to select. Apart from being a cost-effective e-commerce platform, DashNex also provides online store hosting and website building services with many unique advantages to users.

In the latest updated version of the DashNex e-commerce platform, the cash on delivery option will be replaced by ‘payment on delivery’ and ‘payment on pickup’ categories. Each category will offer 3-options each for the sellers to choose from. Cash on delivery, bank card on delivery, and cash and bank card on delivery are the three new options listed under the payment on delivery category whereas, cash on pickup, bank card on pickup, and cash and bank card on the pickup are the options listed under the payment on pickup category. Sellers could only select one payment option for each category. For instance, while a seller could choose the cash on delivery option for the payment on delivery category, he/she could select the cash and bank card on pickup option for the payment on pickup category. In addition, the total number of merchant accounts owned by a store is limited to 3. The payment options update offers the required versatility to stores and convenience to their customers.

When considering updates of the pickup and delivery front, stores are given the opportunity to configure a ‘local pickup’ point in addition to the previous standard, expedited, and premium pickup options. Even though stores could configure all four pickup options, in the e-commerce platform, the number of pickup options for any given order is limited to one. This option is available when users create or edit their shipping zones and only if the shipping cost type is a ‘flat fee’. When adding the local pickup options, the store should add a pickup address, phone number, minimum days required to prepare the order, maximum days the order will be available for pickup, and an optional handling cost. These details will be displayed to the customer during the checkout process if the local pickup option is selected. Besides the payment and local pickup updates, DashNex released few minor platform improvements and bug fixes with the update.

About DashNex

DashNex is an innovative software development, coaching, online hosting, and e-commerce solutions provider with a broad client base that consists of marketers and small business owners spread over 204 countries and 60,000 users . The company is committed to offering simplified building and hosting services for websites and online stores to its clients, enabling them to reach their goals through simplified digital products and result-oriented strategies. Launching, scaling, and managing the business through DashNex is extremely convenient and cost-effective.For more details on DashNex and their simplified and cost-effective software solutions, visit https://dashnexpowertech.com

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