DartThrowTrading.com Releases New Book in Response to White House Claims

How to Trade Stocks Using Options was written for stock market investors who are looking for a proprietary trading system that uses trading strategies to take advantage of the Best Stocks for 2015 and to protect their money from the next stock market crash.

Jimmy Slagle, founder of DartThrowTrading.com, has released his latest book in the wake of the recent White House Fact Sheet: Middle Class Economics: Strengthening Retirement Security.

Slagle’s book “How to Trade Stocks Using Options” is available at http://DartThrowTrading.com/how-to-trade-stocks or http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U051VJY/

According to a recently released White House Fact Sheet, “the rules of the road do not ensure that financial advisors act in the best interest of their clients when they give retirement investment advice, and it’s hurting millions of working and middle class families.”

The report goes on to claim that “A system where Wall Street firms benefit from backdoor payments and hidden fees if they talk responsible Americans into buying bad retirement investments—with high costs and low returns—instead of recommending quality investments isn’t fair.

Proprietary trading expert, Jimmy Slagle of DartThrowTrading.com, says it doesn’t have to be this way.

According to the White House Fact Sheet “Many advisers do not accept backdoor payments or hidden fees and work on a different business model that puts their customers’ best interest first. They are hardworking men and women who got into this work to help families achieve their dreams and want a system that provides a level playing field for offering quality advice.”

Slagle suggests that these are the advisors individual investors should seek out, advisors who are not offering an investment product but investing advice, education, or strategies.

Slagle says that his 25 years of investment experience would suggest that most individual investors want to learn about stock market investing and become a better trader and investor of their money; however they are often at the mercy of information overload and time.

To help combat these investor enemies, Slagle has recently released “How to Trade Stocks Using Options” the latest book in his “How to Become a Trader” Series of investment strategy education.

Choosing to take control of your financial life and not be a victim of predatory financial advisors is the fastest way to learn to trade the market and become a better trader. In summary, here are just a few things that will be revealed in “How to Trade Stocks Using Options”:

1. More Options Equals More Wealth 2. The Foundational Strategies 3. The Collar Spread 4. The Bull Call and Bull Put Spreads 5. The Bear Put and Bear Call Spreads 6. The Call and Put Calendar Spreads 7. The Butterfly and Condor Spreads 8. The Call and Put Ratio Backspreads

“How to Trade Stocks Using Options” is available at http://DartThrowTrading.com/how-to-trade-stocks

The White House is correct when it claims that bad financial advice is unfair to working and middle class families and DartThrowTrading.com wants to join millions of independent financial advisors in helping to educate investors on specific strategies they can use to not only take advantage of the best stocks for 2015 but also protect their money from the next potential stock market crash.

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