Dartford SE London Funeral Director Non-Religious & Humanist Services Launched

W Uden & Sons Ltd, the Dartford-based funeral directors, have announced a comprehensive non-religious & humanist funeral service available in Dartford and South East London. Anyone wishing to arrange a non-religious funeral service is encouraged to get in touch.

W Uden and Sons Ltd, the independent Dartford-based funeral directors, have launched a new non-religious funeral service covering Dartford and South East London. With many years’ experience in their diverse community, the company strive to do everything they can to fulfill each family’s wishes.

For more information please visit the website here: https://www.wuden.com/organising-a-funeral

W Uden and Sons Ltd have been serving the multicultural society of London for over 135 years. With well over a century of caring expertise in their community, the company are fully aware of the ranges of faiths their diverse community follows. They cater for all faiths and all variations of non-religious ceremonies to ensure that each family’s loved one gets the final send-off they deserve.

Those wanting to arrange a non-religious or humanist funeral service will find clear advice on the company website. W Uden and Sons’ guide to planning a non-religious funeral service takes family members through the entire process.

It clearly explains what to do when a death occurs, offers advice on choosing between a cremation or burial, considerations before arranging a funeral, arrangements for the funeral itself, what to expect on the day of the non-religious funeral and aftercare.

Family members who have been recently bereaved and may need help with the process of arranging a non-religious funeral service will find the understanding W Uden staff to be a source of comfort and good advice.

They will be able to cover every aspect of the day of the non-religious funeral service to ensure bereaved family members have a full understanding of the range of services offered. It is possible to arrange the funeral before registering the death, but the death certificate will be needed from the registrar before the funeral can go ahead.

Other considerations covered in their comprehensive online guide to non-religious funeral services include the choice of clothes for the deceased and how to make sure the company receives them in time.

There is also advice on choosing a burial or cremation and on coffin or casket choice. Finally there is some practical advice on choosing and booking limousines for family and friends to follow the hearse on the day of the funeral.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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