Dartford Kent Religious Funeral Director Multi Faith Cremation Services Launched

New multi-faith and non-religious funeral services have been launched by W. Uden & Sons. The Kent-based funeral directors offer high quality, personalised service.

W. Uden & Sons have announced that they offer multi-faith and non-religious funerals to families in the Dartford area. The SW London and Kent based funeral directors aim to provide a dignified service at a sensitive time for families.

For more information, please visit the website here: https://www.wuden.com/organising-a-funeral

W. Uden & Sons is an independent, family owned funeral directors established in 1881. The funeral directors have offices in Eltham, Bexleyheath, Sidcup, Camberwell, Petts Wood, Biggin Hill and Westerham and Dulwich.

The company explains that they understand that the community they serve is a multi-cultural one with a wide range of faiths and beliefs. They aim to do everything they can to carry out the wishes of the deceased person’s family and have 135 years of experience in carrying out funerals for various faiths and for the non-religious.

Once a death certificate has been issued by the registrar, W. Uden & Sons will work with the deceased’s family to begin funeral arrangements. The company will need to know the deceased’s name, date of birth, address, religious beliefs and if the funeral is to be a burial or a cremation.

They will help the family by discussing with them options for funeral location, dates and timing of the funeral. They will also discuss with the family aspects such as coffin requirements and funeral cars.

W. Uden & Sons will fully take care of all administration so the family can focus on the funeral. They will discuss in full with the family costs and payment schedules, paperwork requirements and anything else, such as music, flowers, carrying of the coffin and orders of service.

Once the deceased person is under the care of the funeral directors, they will will dress them in the family’s chosen clothing or in a funeral gown reading for family viewing in the chapel of rest, if wished, and the funeral.

After the funeral has taken place the funeral directors also offer an aftercare service. This service includes cremation urns and keepsakes, scattering ceremonies, headstone memorials for burials and bereavement support.

Those wishing to find out more about W. Uden & Sons funeral services can visit the website on the link provided above.

Additional details are provided at: https://www.wuden.com/#services

Alternatively, interested parties can go to: https://www.wuden.com/funeral-directors/kent/dartford

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