Darryl Thompson’s book a certified best seller

When investing in real estate, most people stick "within their limits," but seasoned professionals prove that there is no difference between investing in a $100K-property and a $1M-property. The larger property is often easier, and even beginners can make it possible.

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 22, 2020) — Those who are kicking off their investment journey have found the perfect guide – the bestselling book of Darryl Thompson entitled “Fire Your Boss!: Apartment Investing for the Little Guy!”.

The book became a certified bestseller as it naturally caught the interest of the public, especially those who are beginning to invest in apartment buildings.

It has earned five stars from reader Jonah who lauded the book as “short, simple, actionable!”

“This book had a ton of proof and actionable tips for investing in apartments but didn’t include a lot of fluff! Smart,” Jonah said.

Thompson has been investing in one of the toughest areas in Northern California for several decades.

With real estate prices at the top of the spectrum, new investors often avoid these high-profile areas.

One of the first properties Thompson has invested in was a new development in Saint Lucie, Florida, where he made $40K as soon as it was done because of how fast it appreciated.

In his pages, Thompson has revealed the secret in investing in any area, but his common-sense approach applies to small, medium, and large deals alike.

Thompson has also taught readers how to build their dream team, including finding ‘silent partners’ or people who have much equity but are not aware of it.

“Fire Your Boss!: Apartment Investing for the Little Guy!” provides a closer look into the critical nuances of investing to accelerate one’s portfolio growth and lift free cash flow.

It contains the steps on how to skip to the front of the line and start with a larger project; use a simple formula not to lose money on deals; and learn while growing, as assets and retirement opportunities expand, too.

Thompson’s book is up at Amazon through https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Your-BOSS-Apartment-Investing-ebook/dp/B08C5LL6P2/.

Beginners are also extra guided by Darryl’s words as they were lead on fast-tracking their investments.

“This book will expand your limits following some practical advice and strategies that are easy to execute and realize. It will help you analyze and discern good deals from poor ones, and most importantly, earn a handsome profit … regardless of the economy,” Thompson said.

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