Darryl Thompson Launches Book: Make Millions Through Apartment Investing

Darryl Thompson, launches his book Fire Your Boss! Apartment Investing for the Little Guy. His book will be available through Amazon on July 7 but can be pre-ordered starting today.

San Francisco, CA, July 2, 2020 / PRNewswire – Darryl Thompson, businessman and investor, launches his book Fire Your Boss! Apartment Investing for the Little Guy. This book aims to guide people on how to achieve financial success by investing in apartment buildings without capital or prior experience in any form of investing.

Thompson had a full-time job before taking the plunge in real estate investing with a focus on apartment buildings and multi-family homes. Shortly after flipping his first home, he started talking to people who are into real estate and began his own business in investing. He sought recommendations from property managers and looked for a partner with whom to do business.

Despite working hard in his full-time job, he couldn’t afford a home in San Francisco. He decided not to buy a home in the Bay Area, and put the money instead in owning residential properties outside of California.

One of the first properties he invested in was a new development in Saint Lucie, Florida, where he made $40K as soon as it was done because of how fast it appreciated. In his book, he teaches how you can build your dream team, including finding ‘silent partners’ or people who have a lot of equity but are not aware of it. They could be financial advisors, CPAs, people with substantial 401Ks and even family and friends.

In order to truly succeed in business and investing, Thompson believes that you must aim to build relationships and use your time wisely. And while it would be nice to make millions of money, having ‘true wealth’ is when your PASSIVE investments meet or exceed your investments.

Whatever your goal is particularly in terms of investing in apartment buildings and multi-family homes, there is a high chance you will find in the book answers to most of your questions because Darryl didn’t leave anything out. He shared everything he has learned, including myths and facts about apartment investing, through years of his lucrative career in real estate investing.

Additionally, readers can:

– Get advice on what to look for when searching for an apartment deal.

– Learn that not all brokers are created equal.

– Learn how to finance a deal regardless of credit score.

– Learn the terminologies when making a deal.

– Learn your exit strategy.

You may grab a copy of his latest book from this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08C5LL6P2

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