Danvers MA Character Costume Makeup – Premade Prosthetic Accessories Launched

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The Jokers Wild (+1-978-777-7206) launched an updated range of makeup, faux facial hair, and prosthetics to provide customers with a full line of products to use in costumed events and productions.

The Joker’s Wild, a specialty costume shop located in North Reading, Massachusetts announced the launch of an updated range of makeup and accessories for costumed events. The business specializes in marketing a wide range of character costumes, accessories, and other novelty items.

More information can be found at https://thejokerswild.com/5-reasons-to-come-to-jokers-wild-for-makeup

The company’s updated products aim to provide customers with high-quality makeup options to achieve all varieties of thematic looks for occasions such as Halloween, comic cons, birthday parties, theater productions, and more.

Unlike other costume stores, The Joker’s Wild prides itself on not just providing customers with premium makeup products—they also offer professional makeup tutorials in-store.

Their experienced artists will be glad to teach customers how to achieve their desired look—including simple face painting, creating wrinkles, covering up eyebrows, or attaching face prosthetics. They will also consult with clients on the appropriate makeup and accessories to use to make sure that they have what they need to execute their chosen characters or disguises.

The shop carries various makeup collections for every occasion, whether it be for a themed children’s party or stage makeup for professional acting. They offer all colors as well as all types of makeup consistencies, including water-based, cake, cream, or liquid.

The makeup products are available in convenient adjustable sizes to offer their customers more value for their money. They offer kits as well as single color products either in small one-time use quantities up to one-gallon sized measurements for big productions such as parades and traveling shows.

The Joker’s Wild also offers a wide variety of pre-made prosthetics in latex, collodion solution, wax, and adhesives. They carry all types of prosthetics for numerous effects such as open cuts, warts, swollen eyes, burns, zombie skins, and more. High-quality faux facial hair products such as mustaches and beards are also available.

For over 4 decades, the business has been successfully providing the local community of North Reading, Danvers, and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts with novelty costuming solutions.

Interested parties can call +1-978-777-7206 or visit https://thejokerswild.com/5-reasons-to-come-to-jokers-wild-for-makeup

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