Dancing Health Benefits Physical And Mental After Isolation Report Launched

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A report discussing the mental and physical health benefits of dancing has been launched. Finland-based House of Dance recommends people should get active post-lockdown to improve their fitness.

A new report has been launched on the health benefits of dancing to manage the stress associated with the global pandemic and its consequences such as isolation. House of Dance is a Finnish dance school that teaches salsa, bachata, dancehall, reggaeton, commercial, and Bollywood to all ages and abilities.

Find out more at https://www.houseofdance.fi/blogi/2020/6/12/benefits-of-dancing-after-covid-19

The newly launched report says lockdowns and curfews have forced people to follow a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. Now the restrictions are easing people are being encouraged to get back into shape and reap the long-term health benefits associated with regular exercise.

House of Dance says one of the best activities to join is a dance class as it can boost both physical and mental health after isolation and stress. One of the key benefits discussed in the report is the fact dancing can help people get into shape, whether they want to tone up, lose weight, or improve their fitness. The team also say dancing can be more fun compared to gym routines.

Dancing can improve social connections as it provides the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Socializing offers its own health benefits as it can boost a person’s confidence, improve their mental health, and can make people feel like they are part of something bigger than simply themselves.

Vigorous dancing can improve lung capacity and heart health say the team at House of Dance. They say any physical activity is important after lockdown as people’s fitness levels may have decreased. Dancing provides a cardiovascular workout while helping people to fight the signs of aging for a youthful look.

Learning a new dance routine can improve a person’s confidence and give a feeling of pride and accomplishment. This is particularly true for adults who have stopped learning and want to challenge themselves.

A spokesperson said: “As well as improving your sleep, dancing can elevate your mood and decrease your stress levels. It can assist you to develop emotional resilience, which is important to tackle the fears and uncertainties created by the current global pandemic.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided. Alternatively, click here https://www.houseofdance.fi.

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