D’Amato Law Firm Launches Guide for Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in NJ

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The D’Amato Law firm, based in New Jersey, has launched a guide to assist catastrophically injured victims and their families in selecting the attorney who will be their best advocate and recover the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. Learn more at https://damatolawfirm.com/.

Catastrophically injured victims and their families are likely enduring one of the most physically and emotional painful periods of their lives after sustaining their injuries. It is also a time for one of the most important decisions of their lives: Choosing a law firm to help them recover the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. There are several key factors to consider when making this monumental decision. That’s why The D’Amato Law firm, based in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, has launched a guide to assist victims in selecting the attorney who will be their best advocate.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a personal injury attorney is how much experience the attorney has with cases like yours. D’Amato’s attorneys have decades of experience in personal injury law. Paul R. D’Amato has been representing injured victims as a plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney for nearly 50 years. Partner Steve Van Natten enjoyed a distinguished career as a prosecutor for the Lehigh County (PA) Office of the District Attorney. After having prosecuted thousands of cases, hundreds of jury and non-jury trials over more than 20 years, he brought his considerable trial skills to the D’Amato Firm. Alexa D’Amato became a legal practitioner 20 years ago, handling major construction and catastrophic personal injury cases. In 2003, there was a collapse during the construction of a parking garage at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City. The D’Amato Law Firm represented 14 people with catastrophic injuries and the family of one of the workers that passed away. When the Tropicana Garage Collapse resolved, it was the largest construction settlement in New Jersey history.

Another paramount consideration is client privacy. The D’Amato Law firm considers it an honor to represent catastrophically injured victims and their families. The trust these victims have in the firm is unwavering and the attorneys in the D’Amato firm intend to prove every single time that trust is well placed. While the Tropicana Garage Collapse settlement was nationally recognized, D’Amato does not seek to publish their verdicts in the newspapers and does not brag about them on the firm’s website, https://damatolawfirm.com/. The areas in which the firm’s attorneys practice are small towns and counties, and New Jersey is a small state. D’Amato’s clients were victims of a tragedy and do not need people crawling out of the woodwork looking for money that is intended to try to make them whole for the horrendous injuries they suffered. While the New Jersey law firm certainly wants the public to know about cases they are working on, so others can avoid tragedy in their lives, the verdicts and settlements D’Amato recovers for their clients are their business and the attorneys and staff at D’Amato respect their privacy.

Next, injury victims should consider a firm’s reputation and communication with clients. Your reputation in anything you do follows you throughout life. The D’Amato Law Firm lawyers believe that an honest approach with clients, insurance companies, and defense firms is vital. Clients are copied on every single correspondence that goes in and out of the office regarding their cases, so they know everything that is happening and the work the firm is doing on their behalf. Clients are even given their attorney’s cell phone numbers so clients can reach their lawyer any time of day with an emergency. D’Amato’s lawyers also meet with their clients every three months, or more often, in person, to discuss how they are feeling and what treatment they are receiving.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations of all is the firm’s finances. Unlike other areas of the law, personal injury attorneys are not paid a fee at the outset. When one hires the D’Amato Law Firm, the firm fronts the legal costs. Catastrophic injury cases can be a heavy lift, financially. D’Amato has cases where they have over $500,000 out in expenses at a time. The firm’s clients trust that they spare no expense in litigating their cases. Here are some examples of what the firm does when one hires them:

· An inspection of the scene should be done as soon as possible. D’Amato hires qualified, licensed investigators to photograph and videotape the scene.

· If the area can be viewed from the outside, aerial photographs are obtained.

· Investigators are instructed to promptly interview key liability and damage fact witnesses.

· They are also directed to interview all of the law enforcement personnel that were involved in the investigation of the incident. A request to obtain photographs of the scene of the incident that were taken by the first responders is also issued.

It is better to know what the opposing counsel might find out about a victim’s history that they might forget, so D’Amato investigates each client, to be able to better protect them. Some of things the firm requests about their clients include:

Every relevant medical record and diagnostic testing film from before and after the incident; Prescription records; Victim’s accounts on public social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as the results of Google searches; An insurance search is performed to determine any claims made in the past; The client’s Motor Vehicle abstract; Prior Workers’ Compensation claim files; Narrative and independent medical expert reports; A vocational expert and an economist are hired for the client’s loss of income claim; A company is hired to prepare a life-care plan; D’Amato’s attorneys discuss with clients the production of a day-in-the-life video; Finally all of this is compiled to create a video settlement brochure.

The D’Amato Law Firm’s attorneys are proud to be personal injury trial attorneys representing catastrophically injured victims. It is a team effort with law partners, Paul D’Amato, Alexa D’Amato Barrera and Stephen Van Natten, and the entire staff. All the hard work they put in now truly pays off when they are able to resolve a client’s claim successfully. For more information visit https://damatolawfirm.com/ or call 609-926-3300.

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