Damage Restoration Business Meets Customers Needs Offering Extended Services

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By offering professional repair and remodeling services along with our emergency mitigation, Clarke’s customers have less to deal with.

Cincinnati and Dayton fire and water damage restoration services are gaining more and more relevance in the Tristate area as time passes. These companies that offer the services of restoring the damaged homes to the pre-loss state are widely sought after in desperate circumstances.

However, most damage restoration services end after the mitigation is completed. What sets apart the top dogs of restoration service providers like Clarke Contractors inc. from the rest is the added capability of rendering repair and remodeling services after the mitigation of the water or fire damage is complete.

When you think about the processes involved in the restoration of a fire or water damaged property, you realize that repairs are the next natural step in the road to bringing your home back to life. Add on a three-year workmanship warranty and understand why home and business owners in Dayton and Cincinnati prefer a complete mitigate, repair and remodel solution.

Clarke understood early on the desire for customers to let one company deal with the entire restoration process starting with the basic evaluation down to the mitigation, repair, and remodel of the damaged property.

It is a huge and time-consuming task looking for different companies to take on the different services of restoration. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time, energy, and money hiring restoration companies, damage repair contractors, managing the insurance process, while still juggling the usual day-to-day life.

This sparks the need for a business such as Clarke Contractors, that offers guaranteed success in repair and mitigation services. Customers end up saving themselves time, money, and energy by hiring a company that can do it all.

“Fire and water damage emergencies are stressful situations and trying to work between insurance companies, an emergency mitigation team and figuring out who can handle the repairs can be overwhelming. By offering professional repair and remodeling services along with our emergency mitigation, our customers have less to worry about.” said Jason Clarke, Owner and CEO of Clarke Contractors Inc.

What Else?

So you’re intrigued by the ability of one enterprise to perform all the functions needed to revamp your damaged home or business. But you’re wondering if there is more. Well, there is…

· Experience: When we talk expertise, it doesn’t get much better than this. Did you know that Clarke Contractors is celebrating its 25th anniversary? That’s right, 25+ years of offering competent and consumer-satisfying services speaks volumes of their experience. This makes Clarke Contractors one of the largest full-service restoration contractor in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas.

· Complete Services: In case the previous line above wasn’t well emphasized, Clarke takes pride in offering the full package in its restoration services. They evaluate the damages, carry out a full-on cleanup and mitigation processs, and the capability for full repair service that truly makes them a first choice for emergency damage control

· Resources: What’s a top company without a top score in the resource department. Clarke Contractors boast the materials, the professionals, and the knowledge needed to not just meet your expectations, but also exceed them.

· Speed: Clarke knows the essence of an emergency call is to be guaranteed a quick and effective response. This is why their on-call team is available on the clock at any time.

· Guaranteed Satisfaction: Clarke’s goal is to exceed expectations for all Cincinnati and Dayton based damage restoration jobs. With their 3-year warranty, they ensure customers are fully satisfied with the whole restoration experience.

· Trusted: Clarke Contractors was awarded the Better Business Bureau torch award for business ethics.

In Essence

No one is really prepared for the damages from fire and water. Therefore, when it happens, it’s almost always a stressful situation to deal with and can be quite the headache if it takes too long to fix the issues.

The major challenges of all this is trying to coordinate between the restoration companies, insurance companies, and damage repair and even remodeling services. By offering professional repair and remodeling services along with our emergency mitigation, Clarke’s customers have less to deal with.

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