Dallas TX Denied Social Security Disability Legal Consultation Service Launched

Dallas, TX-based Titans Legal has launched a consultation service to help people denied social security disability. The team say people affected should act quickly as there are appeal deadlines.

A law firm in Dallas, TX has launched a legal consultation service specifically for people who have been denied social security disability. Titans Legal says it is dedicated to helping clients accomplish their goals while delivering the best results.

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The newly launched consultation service is being offered for free and is designed to help establish if people have been wrongly denied social security disability. Titans Legal says hiring a professional legal team or lawyer may improve the chances of an individual being approved for social security disability. It can also reduce the stress an individual is likely to feel.

Titans Legal can help people fight the decision given to them. The team say many people are wrongly denied due to the fact the system is overwhelmed by applications, rather than because the claimant is not entitled.

Booking a consultation to speak to the team could enable the qualified lawyers to establish if something went wrong with the initial application such as missing evidence or a lack of detail. The team help affected individuals by finding out and explaining the reasons for denial as well as explaining if there is a case for appealing the decision.

Advantages to working with local lawyers such as Titans Legal include the fact they will have specialist local knowledge that can be useful to claimants. Understanding why an application has been denied can help people make the changes required to ensure it is approved next time.

People denied social security disability are advised by the legal team to act quickly. This is because there is a strict time frame for any appeals. If these deadlines are missed, individuals face the prospect of missing out on their benefits.

A reviewer wrote: “This firm goes above and beyond! I could not have picked a better law firm; they are knowledgeable in what they are doing and take the time to answer any questions. You also get to speak to the attorney handling your case and not a legal assistant, which does not happen at many firms. I highly recommend Titans Legal!”

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