Dallas TX Crematory & Cemetery Distracted Texting and Driving

A new report has been launched by Dallas, TX based funeral company, Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory. It highlights the danger of texting while driving and how it relates to 3,500 deaths per year.

Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory has launched a new article focusing on the impact texting has had on driving and deaths in the last decade. Martin Oaks is located just north of Dallas, Texas, and has noted a number of striking changes in deathcare over the last 10 years, but none as striking as the rise in distracted driving related deaths.

More information can be found at: https://blog.martinoakscemeteryandcrematory.com/death-by-text

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The question “What is the most striking change in deathcare you have witnessed in the last decade” was recently posed to the team at Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory. This got them thinking about a number of factors, including the surprising increase in cremation.

Nine states now have cremation rates above 70%, a steep increase in 10 years, but while this is striking, it’s not as alarming or devastating as the rise in text-related deaths the team is coming across.

Texting has had a big impact on the funeral industry and is an indicator of today’s changing society. The report states that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates nine people die every day due to distracted driving. In addition to this, over 1,000 auto accidents occur because of this same reason.

There are three factors that make up the term “distracted driving”, including visual (eyes off the road), manual (hands off the wheel) and cognitive (mind not on driving). When drivers use their mobile device on the road, they cover all three of these bases.

The latest stats show that every year, 2.5 million people are injured in cars while texting, while around 3,500 are killed. Further to this, while texting is highly popular among younger drivers, it’s not solely that age group committing the crime.

The report states: “We suspect this problem is a long way from being solved. And we also suspect that at Martin Oaks Cemetery and Crematory we will see the deadly results continue.”

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