Dallas TX Auto Detailing Polish/Ceramic Coating – Eco-Friendly Hand Wax Launched

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Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail, LLC. (972-217-5934), has announced the official launch of its more eco-friendly auto detailing and ceramic coating services in Dallas.

The company, which has been servicing the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for over ten years, has now introduced new techniques for almost waterless car washing/detailing and a ceramic finishing that renders traditional waxing obsolete.

More information can be found at https://sparkleanshinedfw.com

Sparkle & Shine, which enjoys scores of 5-star reviews from happy customers, now offers a “concierge” service that conserves water usage to 6oz.- 1gal. of water per vehicle – without compromising on the final result. This presents a stark difference from the industry average: it typically takes over 35 gallons to wash a single car.

Studies have indicated that the average car on the road in the U.S. is now almost 12 years old, a record high. Consequently, proper car maintenance has become more of a priority, helping to explain the 4% annual rise in the auto detailing services market. In addition, researchers indicate that consumers are more values-driven than ever before. One study in particular highlights the issue of water and sustainability, and found that over a third of consumers are willing to pay significantly more for eco-friendly services.

Sparkle & Shine Auto Detail’s new technique involves eco-friendly, cleaning agents, lubricants, Montan & Carnauba wax, and extra polymers that are designed to give cars superior anti-static cleanliness. The contaminants are broken down and captured in a micro-fiber towel: this eliminates any customer concerns about filthy contaminants in their neighborhood’s filtration system, and any standing water left behind to dirty their driveways and garages.

The company employs Ceramic Pro, a multi-layer-able, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating for all car finishes. When cured, it creates a durable yet flexible glass shield, a clear coating that protects the vehicle’s exterior and interior from deteriorating. Once the coating is applied, and with proper maintenance, the car’s finish will shine for many years. The slick coated surface won’t allow dirt, brake dust, and tar to stick to the paint, wheels, or glass. This makes washing the vehicle less labor-intensive and less frequent.

All of the company’s washes are done by hand with water-based products ideal for both old and new vehicles. The firm provides quality waxes and sealants that have been tried and tested to provide their clients with the best possible protection.

One recent customer commented: “Highly recommended. Sparkle and Shine provided exceptional customer service. The team is professional, well trained, very responsive. I am very pleased with the quality of their work making my baby shine and staying new.”

Additional details can be seen at https://sparkleanshinedfw.com

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