Dallas Texas Hip-Hop Artist Cipher Drops Fire Music Video Called ‘Flames’

Dallas hip-hop artist Cipher just released a new music video. The new video is for his 2020 single “Flames” and features top-notch pyrotechnics and special effects.

Cipher, an up-and-coming independent hip-hop artist from Dallas, Texas, just released his latest music video for his single “Flames.” The video can be viewed on YouTube.

The complete video can be watched here: https://youtu.be/3vFhDjLbPig

The newly released video follows the premiere of the track in Fall 2020. It’s Cipher’s first video release since “Trapped” last year. The rapper’s previous singles include “Blowing Up,” “Without Me,” “Parachute,” “Dwiw” (featuring Elijah Y.), “Something for You” (featuring A Meazy), “You Don’t Own Me”, and “Find Me” (featuring 5280).

The “Flames” video features pyrotechnics, impressive special effects, and was deployed with creative flair. Some noteworthy moments include the hip-hop artist appearing to disintegrate into ashes, holding a small flame in his hand, and his microphone bursting into flames.

Cipher is a fast-rising figure in the Dallas hip-hop scene and is currently streaming in over eighty-five countries. Originally from California, he was raised in Texas and blends Texas-grown style and fast flow into a unique signature style all his own. His single “Make You Mine” hit #34 on the iTunes R&B charts as well as appearing in numerous Spotify playlists.

The hip-hop artist recorded his first song on Xbox headphones in 2006. A Navy veteran, he spent time traveling the world, then honed his entrepreneurial skills before entering the music scene professionally. Some of his lyrics, like many artists, are inspired by his life experiences, such as relationship ups and downs. He has so far-undisclosed philanthropic intentions for Dallas.

Cipher has been featured in magazines such as Buzz Music, New York Weekly, and The Hype Magazine as well as the blogs InSpot Music, A&R Factory, and RKJ Music. He has also appeared on the radio stations The Far Side, The G Radio, and Amazing Radio.

A sample of lyrics from “Flames”: “Stacking ever since yeah and / Nothing was the same / Welcome to the furnace / Let’s take a walk through the flames / Nothing here can stop me / No, not even flames.”

To see the newly released video hot off of YouTube, click here: https://youtu.be/3vFhDjLbPig

Release ID: 89022528