Dallas Texas Dentist & Tooth Whitening Specialist Services Announced

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The award-winning family, cosmetic dentist Dr. Gary Alhadef, with appointments available at 214 368-2434, launched a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help patients in Dallas and North Texas get white, straight teeth.

The award-winning family, cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist Dr. Gary Alhadef, with appointments available at 214 368-2434, launched a range of TMJ treatments to help patients in Dallas and North Texas get relief for any pain or jaw function problems associated with temporomandibular joint disorders.

The highly popular cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Gary Alhadef has announced he is now providing a new range of leading TMJ/TMD treatments for patients in Dallas and the surrounding areas of North Texas.

More information is available at http://www.dallascosmeticdental.com/

Dr. Gary Alhadef is an acclaimed, certified and award-winning dentist based in Dallas, Texas, with more than 25 years of experience helping patients of all ages across North Texas maintain peak oral healthy and a beautiful, confident smile with his cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry services.

The popular Dallas dentist known for the premium quality dental implants, dentures, veneers, teeth whitening, onlays, Invisalign or complete smile makeovers he offers patients looking to improve the appearance and function of their teeth has announced a new range of leading TMJ/TMD treatments.

As a renowned and certified TMJ specialist, Dr. Aldahef is able to help patients address temporomandibular joint problems that may be impacting their jaw function and alleviate the headaches, popping jaw, ear ringing or joint and muscle pain associated with a misaligned temporomandibular joint. More information at http://www.dallascosmeticdental.com/Dental-Tooth-Whitening.html

The TMJ treatments and all the other cosmetic, restorative and general dental procedures delivered by Dr. Aldahef are tailored to suit each patient’s individual needs or budget and ensure the kind of friendly, relaxed and comfortable dentist experience that has earned the practice its recent OpenCare Patient’s Choice award. Dr. Gary Alhadef’s team explains that “millions of Americans – as many as 25% to 30% – suffer from TMJ disorders and many don’t even realize it. A highly trained neuromuscular TMJ dentist like Dr. Alhadef can evaluate the symptoms and determine the optimal position for the jaw to help anyone experiencing a popping jaw when opening or closing their mouth and pain in their head, shoulders or neck area find the relief they want.”

Consultations and appointments with Gary Alhadef DDS and more information on his leading TMJ/TMD treatments or the range of cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry he provides can be requested at 214 368-2434 or through the website link provided above along with multiple patients testimonials, before & after smile galleries or a virtual tour of its offices conveniently located at 8226 Douglas Avenue, #753, Dallas, Texas.

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