Dallas Term Life Insurance Skip Doctor Living Benefits For Gen X Released

Drake Insurance Group has just released policies for Generation Xers that require no medical exams and that pay Living Benefits that pay out up to 90% of death benefits for major accidents, illness or end of life care.

Drake Insurance Group, a Dallas-based independent insurance agency with more than 25 years of experience, has just released life insurance policies with rates that allow Generation Xers to skip the medical exam as well as have the option to receive Living Benefits.

More information can be found on Drake Insurance Group’s website at: http://insuranceonly.net.

According to the Pew Research Center, by the year 2028 the number of Generation Xers, those between 35 and 50 years old, projected to be 64.6 million, will outnumber the Boomer generation and peak at 65.8 million in 2018. According to research by the credit bureau Experian, this generation carries the most credit card debt.

Investment News reports that Generation Xers have the poorest financial habits. Even though this generation is in the peak of their earning years, the group includes more spenders than savers. Gen Xers are also likely to have more debt than savings.

Drake Insurance Group is offering policies that allow clients who fall within the demographics of Gen X to receive up to $500,000 worth of insurance with its “No Exam Term Life” policies which require no medical exams.

When a person has an exam for life insurance, the insurance company checks for information in the blood like cholesterol, liver enzymes, glucose, and others that might cause a person to be rated up or declined. But when there’s no exam, there is no blood to check which will let a policy be issued that might not have been otherwise.

Also available from Drake Insurance Group are policies with Living Benefits. These policies allow clients to receive a payout while they are still living. They can pay up to 90% of the death benefit while the client is still alive if they need it.

Living Benefits policies work just like a regular life insurance policy where the client pays an x amount of premium for an x amount of coverage. The difference between a regular policy and one with Living Benefits is that the Living Benefits policy allows clients to receive up to 90% of the death benefit due to a major accident or illness.

The early payout can assist in paying medical bills or end of life care. As an Independent Agency, Drake Insurance Group offers rates from 50 companies to choose from to allow the client to receive their best rate.

More information can be found at the company website listed above.

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