Dallas Slab Foundation Repair Issues & Costs Guide Released for DFW Homeowners

Foundation Repair Pros in Dallas/Fort Worth has just released a new guide to inform homeowners about Slab Foundation Problems & Repair Costs at http://bluechipdallas.com/slab-foundation-repair/


(Dallas, TX) – Foundation Repair Pros announced the release of their new Slab Foundation Problems & Repair Costs guide for homeowners in the DFW area. The focus is on learning how to spot signs of Slab Foundation failure, potential corrective action options, and repair costs. The guide can be found at http://bluechipdallas.com/slab-foundation-repair/

Slab foundations, also called slab-on-grade foundations are basically a flat piece of concrete that is poured directly onto the ground. They are several inches thick and are reinforced with iron rods. Homes built on a slab do not have basements or crawl spaces.

Slab foundations became popular with builders starting in the 1960’s and remain the primary construction method today. The primary reason is that they are about $10,000 cheaper to build compared with pier and beam foundations which were the standard since Colonial days.

For all the advantages of a slab foundation, there are potential problems particularly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and other parts of Texas. Due to “expansive clay soils” combined with prolonged periods of drought followed by severe periods of rainfall, foundation movement frequently occurs as the soil shrinks and expands. This movement, if not minimized, can result in the need for slab foundation repair. Some researchers estimate that more repair work on foundations get done the state of Texas every year than in all 49 of the other states put together!

Common Signs of Slab Foundation Settlement:

· Are your interior walls starting to separate at the ceiling?

· Are your floor sloping or otherwise uneven?

· Have cracks started to appear in your concrete floor?

· Can you see gaps between the adjoining wall and floor?

· Are there any cracks in your interior walls, such as near your windows and doors?

· Have you noticed any visible cracks on the exterior of your home?

The detection of one or more of these symptoms indicates that your slab foundation is failing and needs immediate attention to maintain a safe environment for your family and preserve your home’s resale value.

Identifying both the locations and underlying causes of the slab failure is the first key to an effective repair process. There are many different repair options, depending on the home’s specific needs. These include mudjacking, concrete piers/pilings, steel push piers, drilled bell piers and helical piers.

The cost of the foundation repair depends on the scope of work needed to repair the damaged components. In the DFW area it ranges from about $1,500 on the low-end to $10,000+ on the high-end with about $5,000 as the average.

About Foundation Repair Pros

Foundation Repair Pros is the leading expert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for diagnosing and repairing pier & beam foundation problems for the past 30+ years. Their experts are long-term employees who are highly trained and are known for their fair pricing, customer service and guaranteed workmanship. Sims stated that “Publishing our Slab Foundation Problems & Repair Costs guide is aimed at helping homeowners prevent as much damage as possible and learning how to preserve the value of their most important investment.”

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