Dallas RSS Feed Technology – Automated News/Blog Content Writing Strategy Update

Launch Ninjas (214-809-6085), a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas, announces updates to their auto-blogging RSSMasher Technology to help automate content published to websites and social media platforms.

With the goal of providing digital marketing, the company’s announced services are recommended for businesses owners who want to create a more seamless and automatic content publication process. Now they can collaborate with a highly skilled marketing agency for increased operational efficiency and content output.

For more information, please visit https://www.launchninjas.com

Launch Ninjas’ updated easy-to-use RSSMasher Technology, a time-saving content marketing strategy, automatically sends fresh, trending news articles to the user’s blogs and social networks. It can also significantly enhance a website’s professional look and feel as a result of the consistent and continuous increase of relevant and engaging news and social activity.

Writing content for a website and social media platforms can be a daunting task. The extensive amount of time it takes to research and write about topics that people care about can become quite stressful over time. Investing one’s time and energy into article writing is one of the major pain points of maintaining a regular and consistent online presence.

Using Launch Ninjas’ RSSMasher’s power scheduler, various custom-designed RSS feeds can be ‘mashed’ together to send news, topics, images, and videos to the user’s WordPress blog and social media network. This will create a steady flow of engaging and interesting content that can greatly increase website traffic.

Clients can look forward to using the RSSMasher to help post their content directly to popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook pages, Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress.com.

About Launch Ninjas

Launch Ninjas was founded by CEO Damon Nelson, an entrepreneur and business consultant with 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Their ‘Build It, Brand It, Launch It’ strategy helps to create brand familiarity and develop long-term customer retention.

A company spokesperson said, “This software takes away the pain of sitting down at a blank screen to write articles on a regular basis. After setting up your mashes and schedules, it does all the hard work for you of creating and posting fresh and trending news directly to your blog. (as well as to your social networks)”

Interested parties can visit https://www.launchninjas.com for more details.

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