Dallas Marble Polishing Expose Released By Stone Company

The Dallas Marble Restoration article is the ultimate guide in how to properly polish marble floors and to get your money's worth.

A large percentage of homeowners and business’ alike are uneducated when it comes to having their marble floors polished. They simply want them “shiny”. Most service companies that provide marble polishing are focused on getting the project done in the least amount of time. Obviously quality varies drastically with any one marble polishing company.

Heaven Sent Floor Care explained the nitty gritty of marble polishing involves a handful of nuances. Mr. Albrecht cited for the purposes of this interview, he would concentrate on polishing marble. He explained, there are essentially four process’ for polishing marble. First, is a mechanical polish which is achieved with diamond abrasives. Second, are “maintenance pads”. Maintenance pads are strictly for maintenance and not restoring a shine. Third, is a polishing paste or powder. This process is typically followed up after the mechanical diamond abrasive process. Lastly, there is the “crystallization” process.

Ken Albrecht mentioned most Dallas marble polishing projects he has encountered with crystallization having been performed felt deceived. For the most part, the Technicians who service the floors are as uneducated as the consumer. They do what they are told by the company. Crystallization was started back in the 1960’s in Spain. From there it was brought to Puerto Rico and then to the United States.

Ken explained without getting very technical, crystallization uses three primary components with the first being an acid, the second being some waxes, and the third being a compound known as a floor silicate. A buffing machine is used with a steel wool which acts as a catalyst that catalyzes a reaction. For simplicity sake, this creates a barrier on the marble. He stated, now the marble cannot breathe.

Most people realize acid is not compatible with marble. However, the marble polishing company is not going to give a person all these explanations. Again, they just want a “shiny marble floor” Ken explained the regular polishing process Heaven Sent Floor Care uses also has an acid. But he mentioned the floor is rinsed and neutralized of the acid when finished polishing.

Mr. Albrecht understands that it can be difficult to be equipped with twenty questions for any given maintenance project in someone’s home. So who can be trusted and what questions should a person ask? Heaven Sent Floor Care has created a article which he wanted to share with readers. The information can be accessed here Dallas Marble Restoration Guide for more input. This comprehensive guide provides information, tips, checklists and additional resources for those that are committed to keeping their marble floors looking beautiful longer.

Heaven Sent Floor Care has been servicing the North Texas area just shy of two decades. They are available to answer questions on all natural stone issues.

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