Dallas Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Led by Industry Trained Top Technician

Certified Laser Specialist Billy Shipers of Shipers Laser Tattoo Removal Center is trained by world-class laser college and this his company apart from other clinics offering laser tattoo removal in Dallas

Dallas, TX- These days it might seem like tattoo removal clinic’s in Dallas are a dime a dozen, however Billy Shipers of Shipers Laser Tattoo Removal Center says his world class education and training is what sets his clinic apart from the other facilities offering laser tattoo removal in Dallas, TX. Billy is the owner, founder and lead laser technician of Shipers Laser Tattoo Removal Center in Texas. The clinic, started earlier this year has quickly become the Dallas areas most sought after location for folks aiming to get their unwanted ink removed. According to Shipers, the clinic’s impeccable reputation and immediate success are due partly to the highly detailed and comprehensive advanced training he received at Dallas’ own laser tattoo removal school, New Look Laser College.

The Dallas laser college requires their trainees to perform multiple hands-on tattoo removal treatments with real tattooed patients. The students perfect laser protocols and proper treatment settings, perform patient consultations, discuss aftercare details and even assess and treat a variety of tattoo types at different stages of the tattoo removal process. Billy explains his experience at the prestigious laser college, “As a class, we learned the elements of patient interaction, tattoo assessment, and procedure protocols in a real-life clinical setting. As students, each of us was able to get in plenty of hands-on laser practice before treating patients, and the instructors supervised every single treatment to ensure absolute patient safety and accurate learning, which gave me the confidence and expertise to bring into my own clinic.” Once finished with the laser tattoo removal course, Billy received his Certified Laser Specialist certificate.

Billy encourages anyone seeking out laser tattoo removal in Dallas to do their research on local tattoo removal companies and find out when and where they were actually trained and certified. According to Billy, not all laser training is created equal and he is proof of that. Billy’s Clinic, Shipers Laser Tattoo Removal Center is accepting new clients and offers free consultations for anyone wanting to learn more about the laser tattoo removal process, he encourages interested parties to contact him to set up an appointment as his schedule fills up quickly.

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