Dallas Epoxy Flooring Experts Certified Contractor Commercial Services Expanded

Epoxy Pros, a Dallas certified epoxy flooring contractor has expanded its commercial flooring services to clients across the country. The office epoxy flooring company offers 24-hour installation, free on-site price estimates, and a lifetime warranty.

Dallas certified epoxy flooring contractor Epoxy Pros announced the expansion of its commercial epoxy flooring services. The company now offers cost-effective epoxy flooring for hospitals, showrooms, kitchens, veterinary clinics, and other premises anywhere in the United States.

More information about Epoxy Pros is available at https://epoxypros.co

Epoxy floors are the preferred choice for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other environments with high foot traffic. These floors are resistant to most chemicals, solvents, and acids while being able to bear heavy mechanical loads. Epoxy Pros has now made commercial epoxy flooring available to businesses across the United States.

The Dallas commercial epoxy flooring experts offer customized flooring options in more than 140 colors and designs. Epoxy Pros flooring solutions demonstrate exceptional resistance to long-term wear and have excellent antimicrobial properties.

The hospital epoxy flooring specialists in Dallas offer specialized seamless epoxy flooring with colored walkways and anti-skid properties. Epoxy floors for showrooms, supermarkets, sports arenas, and office lobbies may be customized to match a client’s brand colors and brand identity.

Epoxy Pros offers a lifetime warranty on all residential, commercial, and industrial flooring solutions. Flooring professionals perform an initial assessment to determine the type of flooring that best meets a client’s needs. The assessment is followed by a free on-site estimation and 24-hour installation.

According to a spokesperson for the supermarket epoxy flooring experts, “We are excited to announce the availability of our industry-leading epoxy flooring solutions to clients across the United States. We offer premium products with exceptional service for all your commercial flooring needs. Our experts specialize in installation and product matching for any commercial space.”

Epoxy Pros is a veteran-owned specialized flooring company offering epoxy flooring and epoxy coating services in Dallas and across the United States.

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