Dallas Drug Attorney Site Honors Red Ribbon Week; Lawyer Says ‘YOLO’

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A Dallas drug attorney website is spreading the news that Red Ribbon Week is about to arrive. From October 23-31, schools across the nation will be taking part in various activities aimed at helping kids stay drug free. The program is also a major proponent of helping raise awareness within families, and providing an opening for parents to discuss the dangers of drug use with their children. This year, the theme is “YOLO Be drug free.”

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Red Ribbon Week first began as a way to honor Special Agent Kiki Camarena. As an 11-year DEA veteran, Camarena was close to breaking a major case involving Mexican drug traffickers in 1985 when he was kidnapped and killed. Initially, the event began as a series of “Camarena Clubs” formed by a congressman and one of Camarena’s school friends. Members of the clubs pledged to be drug-free out of respect for Camarena’s sacrifice. The cause caught on as many organizations began donning red ribbons at the end of October every year, and the first Red Ribbon Week was officially held in 1988.

Parental involvement is a major component of the program, as children whose parents regularly talk to them about drug use are 42-percent less likely to use. However, only one-in-four parents do so, according to RedRibbon.org. The program also provides tips for parents to help keep their children drug-free, which includes simple things, such as watching for signs that something’s not right or that a child is withdrawing. Additionally, parents are urged to keep the lines of communication open and take advantage of real-life teaching moments to showcase the dangers of drug use.

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“During Red Ribbon Week, we celebrate drug-free lives and appreciate the commitment of families and educators to promote healthy choices,” said DEA Acting Administrator, Chuck Rosenberg. Through coordinated efforts between National Family Partnership (NFP) and organizations across the country, around 80 million people participate in the program every year. NFP sponsors the event and offers many opportunities for students to become involved and enter contests for a chance to win cash and prizes for their schools, simply for spreading the message.

Parents can look for materials coming home with their children starting on October 23 if their school is participating in Red Ribbon Week. However, parents of children who do not have access to the program materials can visit RedRibbon.org to make a pledge and download materials for use at home.

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