Dallas Disaster Relief Water/Mold Damage Repair Restoration Fundraiser Expanded

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Texas Disaster Recovery And Relief has expanded its fundraising campaign to help Texans with water damage remediation and recovery from the natural disaster.

Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief, a non-profit organization located in Dallas, has expanded its fundraising campaign to help Texans recover from the recent natural disaster. Due to the large demand for water remediation services, there has been an extended shortage of such professionals that has led to many Texans still being unable to have their homes repaired after the disaster.

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The expanded fundraising efforts will go to uninsured or underinsured Texans whose homes have taken damage from the disaster. This late after the event, with the shortage of disaster relief experts, much of the damage that occurred and went untreated has expanded from simple water damage into mold and rot.

The water damage cases in Texas number in the hundreds of thousands, and experts have predicted that it will be years before the majority of the damage can be repaired. The unfortunate fact that the disaster occurred during a pandemic has compounded the problem, as resources were already stretched and it is harder for crews to work on the repairs.

While many Texans may have believed that no damage had occurred to their homes within the first few weeks after the freezing event, water can cause damage that may not be visible immediately, or even after a number of weeks. Often damage can remain hidden behind furniture, inside walls or ceilings, or under flooring.

Residents have been advised to check in these areas, as well as opening cabinets, sinks, cupboards, and drawers, to check for signs of mold. This can include visible mold, watermarks, or musty smells. Unfortunately, mold is often not an easy problem to repair and can require expert help from disaster relief or mold remediation specialists.

Texas Disaster Recovery and Relief has more than two decades of experience in assisting after disasters and is doing all it can to help the people of Texas recover. Their campaign has been ongoing since the beginning of the recovery, as they offer water damage remediation and restoration services at no charge to affected residents.

The group’s work is fundamental to preventing the damage from growing further into an issue of mold and rot, but months after the devastation they are still working hard with limited resources. Any donations to their campaign would be appreciated, as they ask others to #LOCKARMSWITHTEXAS in the race to prevent as much damage as possible, and get people back into their homes.

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