Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm Launches New Client Defense Service Texas Site

A Dallas criminal defense law firm has just announced the launch of a new website, advertising its services and a free consultation. The company’s expert team of lawyers offers a wide range of criminal defense services for anyone in the area.

A criminal defense law firm in Dallas, Texas, has announced the launch of a new website advertising the full range of its attorney services. The Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm practice covers everything from assault charges to DWI defense, felony charges and theft or burglary crimes. A free consultation is available for anyone considering hiring one of their lawyers for legal defense.

More information can be found on The Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm site: http://criminallawyerdallas.org.

The new site explains how frightening it can be for anyone to be accused of committing a crime. Many people don’t know what to do in response, and this is why it’s imperative to seek solid legal advice from a law office. When facing a criminal conviction, there is no substitute for extensive, proven experience. The expert team of lawyers at The Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm can help to ensure that clients’ do not have their rights violated, and ensure the best possible defense to any criminal proceedings.

Even the smallest criminal charge can have a large impact on a person’s future, which is why The Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm offers their free consultation service, so people can get advice from a trustworthy defense team and make up their mind about what they would like to do. How someone’s case is presented in court can be the difference between being found not guilty or guilty. The criminal defense lawyers at the law office know that each case is different, and that is the reason they are devoted to offering creative, effective and unique criminal defense approaches to every individual they represent.

Because the legal process can often be confusing, the new website offers a well developed FAQ section for people to find answers to common queries. These range from what to do if a client intends to plead guilty, the difference between a felony and a misdemeanour, and what to do if an officer didn’t read the accused’s rights. If someone’s question doesn’t appear on the list, they can get in touch with the company through a contact form on the site.

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