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A top Dallas criminal defense attorney site is offering free consultations to people who have been caught in a weed bust anywhere in the greater Dallas area. For more information or to reserve time for a no-obligation case evaluation, call (214)234-9077 or visit DallasInterstateDrugLawyer.com.

A Dallas criminal defense attorney site is now offering free case evaluations for people who get caught up in a weed bust. This makes it easy for people facing life-changing penalties, such as incarceration, to make an educated decision about their case and move forward with the best possible defense strategy. The site presents top legal professionals who specialize in drug crimes, with each offering customized defense strategies and no-obligation consultations.

For more information or to schedule a free case evaluation with a top Dallas criminal defense attorney, visit DallasInterstateDrugLawyer.com or call (214)234-9077 today.

Texas is one of the few states that has remained steadfast with its cannabis legislation, while other states have approved it for medicinal use as a minimum, and many have allowed it recreationally. Because of this, the state sees a major influx of marijuana coming in, not just across the Mexican border, but also from states like Colorado, as it passes through the country for distribution. Local authorities are well aware of which routes drugs commonly pass through the area and monitor major roadways and interstates.

People are often targeted simply for having out-of-state plates and then find themselves in a weed bust, despite only having committed a minor driving infraction or committing no moving violations at all. Following this, their vehicle is routinely impounded and they are charged with major crimes, such as drug trafficking. Even cases that involve something as simple as marijuana can result in decades behind bars, as well as massive fines, and may be tried at a federal or state level.

Those who have been arrested in a weed bust are urged to call (214)234-9077 or visit DallasInterstateDrugLawyer.com for a free case evaluation today.

Having a competent Dallas criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in how any case pans out. A skilled litigator may be able to have charges dropped or reduced, so the person accused can move on with their life quickly.

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