Dallas Cowboys Podcast In Depth Mike McCarthy Head Coach Hiring Show Launched

A new podcast has been launched by The Big D Beatdown, covering the hiring of Mike McCarthy. The channel is known for its hard-hitting analysis, and focus on scouting.

Big D Beatdown, a Dallas Cowboys themed podcast sponsored by PigskinNut, has launched a new show covering the hiring of Mike McCarthy as head coach. By the time the 2020 NFL season arrives, the Cowboys will have a completely different feel to this season, and it’s all set to start with the head coach.

More information can be found at: https://anchor.fm/bigdbeatdown

The new podcast episode was launched following the news that the Cowboys would be moving on from Jason Garrett.

It covers the new hiring, and explains that Mike will be bringing the New Orleans Saints linebacking coach, Mike Nolan, with him to head the defense.

The podcast is hosted by Austin Smith, Ken Cunningham, and Ty Rogers. It was created to be an unbiased look at all things Dallas Cowboys, and features news, stories, reports and more.

Among the latest podcast episodes include a recap of the latest games, a feature on the disappointing season, predictions and more.

Now, with the latest episode, it discusses the future of the franchise and what the outlook could be moving forward.

Many fans are excited about the hiring of Mike McCarthy, because he knows what it takes to get to the Super Bowl and win it.

The Cowboys are coming off one of their most impressive offensive showings in years. They had the number one offense in the NFL this season, and Dak Prescott set career highs for yards and touchdowns.

With a talent-stacked offensive line, and the ever-present threat of Ezekiel Elliot in the backfield, Mike McCarthy will be looking forward to working with the star-studded team.

The Big D Beatdown has regular episodes breaking down America’s team, with a focus on strategy, scouting, and what’s best for the team.

It is a hard-hitting podcast full of detailed analysis, and focuses heavily on the scouting aspect of the game. It also gives great levels of detail when discussing the players on the team.

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