Dallas-Based Digital Marketing Agency Shares Top 50 Inspirational Quotes

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Dallas-based digital marketing agency helps bloggers get their online business blogs off the ground. BlogLingo.com shares 50 inspirational quotes to motivate and inspire bloggers to succeed.

Dallas, Texas. A Dallas-based digital marketing agency is on a mission to buck industry norms and help small business owners garner more traffic, leads, and sales by sharing tips and tricks about creating a lucrative blog.

Founded by brothers and African immigrants Joseph and Joshua Nyamache, BlogLingo.com helps entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground by offering exclusive internet marketing tips, online courses, and inspirational and motivational quotes. Focused on helping its clients drive more website traffic, build an email list quickly and convert leads into sales, BlogLingo specializes in providing a range of services from affordable SEO and social media marketing to pay-per-click advertising and content creation.

Considering that 50% of all blogs started today fail within their first 90-days of existence, bloggers are in desperate need of help to keep their blogs growing by attracting more traffic, leads, and sales.

Bloglingo.com, a comprehensive blog traffic platform that provides new and experienced bloggers with the resources, support, and education they need to make a living right from their laptop, this week launched beginners guide for all bloggers starting a blog in 2021.

“Starting a blog is the easy part. However, running and managing a successful blog is not for the timid. It costs time, money, and effort,” said Joseph Nyamache, Founder and Owner of Bloglingo.com. “We are here to provide all would-be bloggers with the resources they need to remain competitive right out of the blogging gates, not to mention the knowledge required to make money blogging, right at home.”

The latest beginners guide for blogging is broken down into four different sections essential for immediate blogging success: selecting a profitable niche, which is considered the most important part of the blog world; setting up one’s blog, which includes tips for buying a domain name and selecting a web hosting package, theme, and plugins; writing and publishing the blog, which needs to be catered to a specific audience; and finally, making money off of the blog, which is where testing, analysis, and optimization comes into the picture.

The guide includes 10 simple and actionable steps that make it possible for everyone to launch their blog, whether they are college students or retired people.

“In reality, starting a blog can be fun, refreshing, and pretty simple if the right groundwork is laid at the start,” said Nyamache. “Can a successful blog be created in just 20-minutes? No. But can it be created with some patience and our new, free resourceful guide geared at long-term blogging payoffs? Yes.”

Typically, people feel called to launch a blog for one of three reasons today: they want to help other people by sharing unique skills, experiences, or hobbies that might have an audience out there; they want to aid good causes or influence public policy by using a platform with influence; or they want to make money blogging and be able to work from home, on the go, or while traveling.

Bloglingo.com’s free guide will help people find a Profitable Niche, Choose a Blogging Platform, Register the Right Domain Name, and Buy Web Hosting Services. Install WordPress Blogs, Choose a WordPress Theme, Writing and Publishing Content, Promote the Blog, Make Money with Blogging, and discover Blogging Tools and Resources.

For more information and expert resources on how to grow blog traffic, leads, and sales, please visit https://bloglingo.com/how-to-start-a-blog/

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