Dallas Bankruptcy Law Eviction Legal Services Virtual Consultations Launched

Dallas bankruptcy law office The Allmand Law Firm has launched virtual consultations and legal services for people facing eviction after the expiry of federal and local moratoriums. Attorney Reed Allmand helps qualifying renters file for bankruptcy and protect their families from eviction.

The Allmand Law Firm, a leading Dallas bankruptcy law office announced the launch of virtual consultations and legal services for people facing eviction after the expiry of federal and local moratoriums. The firm provides personalized advice and filing services to help tenants stop evictions and resume payments.

More information about Allmand Law Firm is available at https://www.allmandlaw.com

As a certified bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, Reed Allmand and his team now offer virtual consultations to renters at risk of eviction. Clients receive personalized legal advice and a thorough exploration of all their legal options including bankruptcy and rental assistance.

The Allmand Law Firm works closely with individuals and families facing eviction because of financial hardship. The firm recommends direct negotiations and written agreements with the landlord, raising a statutory defense, and filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent the eviction.

The Dallas bankruptcy attorney’s office helps renters formulate a plan before negotiating with their landlord, understand the goal of the negotiation, and choose a strategy that delivers the best outcomes. The firm specializes in working with clients who are unable to pay their rent because of the financial impact of the pandemic.

The Allmand Law Firm will file for bankruptcy on behalf of a client to create an automatic stay that prevents the eviction. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy also protects renters from harassing phone calls and visits from their landlord or creditors. The process also protects clients from past due rent, medical bills, repossession, and foreclosure.

Leading Dallas bankruptcy lawyers help clients choose a course of action that gives them the best chance of a positive outcome, negotiate settlements, and get out of debt. Bankruptcy typically requires clients to certify that they will be able to cure their delinquency and arrears under the law and based on a court-approved plan.

Visit https://www.allmandlaw.com/stop-eviction for more information about contesting pandemic eviction orders in Dallas.

According to a spokesperson for the Dallas bankruptcy lawyers, “We offer practical legal advice and represent the interests of people who face eviction because of the financial impact of the pandemic. Bankruptcy laws protect renters from eviction cases in court. We are committed to exploring every possible avenue to save people from the unimaginable hardship of being evicted.”

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip5ObDgUVfM to learn more about the rules and regulations governing evictions and bankruptcy during the pandemic.

The Allmand Law Firm is a Dallas-Fort Worth bankruptcy law firm with offices in Hurst, Dallas, and McKinney. The firm is headed by Weldon Reed Allmand, a Board-certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Dallas Bar Association, and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. The firm is one of the largest bankruptcy filers in Texas.

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