Daisy Loom to Offer Great Discounts for Black Friday Promotion

Daisy Loom is the producer of the most popular brand of loom band refill packs is announcing their big discount offering to loyal customers and interested enthusiasts this Black Friday.

Daisy Loom has something special planned for the upcoming Black Friday. In a recent announcement, the company which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of rubber band refill packs for Rainbow Loom and other brands of toy looms will be offering great discounts for its products.

 A representative from Daisy Loom talked about what loyal customers and interested enthusiasts can expect from the company: “Discounts. Big discounts. The company will be participating in the approaching shopping fests and we will be offering jaw-dropping deals with our Black Friday promotion.”  

To take advantage of the Black Friday promotion, buyers can visit Daisy Loom page and follow the instructions to get the discount and get a chance to win 200 charms.  

Rainbow Loom is a popular brand of a crafts kit that allows an individual to create brightly colored bracelets using rubber bands and plastic toy loom. It first started selling in 2011 but met little success as people didn’t know what to make of the new toy. An online campaign that included advertising and posting of instructional videos regarding the product bolstered its popularity.  

Rainbow Loom has sold more than a million kits across the globe and won the 2014 Toy of the Year from Toy Industry Association. Its global retail sales of more than $55 for the previous year reflect the insane popularity of Rainbow Loom.  

Daisy Loom is a Swedish company started by Patrik Gisselson in 2013. The company produces one of the most popular brand of loom band refill packs that can be used with Rainbow Loom and other brands of toy looms. Daisy Loom products are available worldwide. In the US and United Kingdom, the refill packs are available with free delivery through Amazon in which it has received plenty of positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied buyers. The company has set up an e-commerce site for buyers in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia.  

Daisy Loom takes pride in the exceptional  quality of their products. Unlike other brands in the market, Daisy Loom rubber bands are made of silicone. Silicone is much more durable than the common rubber bands and boast brighter colors.

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