Daily Affirmations Positivity Abundance Awareness Mp3 Download Service Announced

A new affirmation service has been announced by EnergyMDT, a company offering healing energies to customers. The affirmations are designed to re-enforce positivity and are available in mp3 recordings.

EnergyMDT, a website offering healing energies, has announced a new affirmations service. Affirmations are a spoken re-enforcement of positivity and EnergyMDT have created three volumes and recordings for daily use.

For more information on the affirmations offered please visit: http://www.energymdt.com/affirmations/.

The site explains that affirmations are a positive re-enforcement of what a person is stating is theirs, they are not asking or wishing for it. A persons cellular body is the first to hear these affirmations and act on them.

It is stated that the mp3 affirmation recordings are infused with multi-dimensional energies to assist a person in the change they are asking for. It is best to listen to the affirmations once a day when fully present, but they can also be listened to on a loop at night and during the day. It is warned that is is inadvisable to operate heavy machinery or drive while listening to the recordings as the energies can distract.

There are three different categories of affirmations to purchase from and they are abundance, acceptance and awareness. Abundance is designed for people to acknowledge that people are naturally abundant and to remember who they are in order to return to their natural state of being abundant. Acceptance is to help people to accept what they can and cannot change. Finally, awareness is to help develop gut feelings.

EnergyMDT also provide other healing and energy services for people to benefit from. There is a meditation given by St. Germain available to assist in the learning of self control. He advises that the meditation should be performed first thing in the morning and last thing at night for 10 days, before then continuing with it three times a day.

Other services include space entity clearing, energy facilitation and pet behavior problems. Energy packages available include the I Am Series, which focuses on discovering who a person really is and opening up to their natural abilities. It is explained that this can lead to more self confidence, more control and a happier, more balanced life.

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