D.C. and Maryland Attorney Alvin H. Thomas, Jr. launches Website for Clients

A new website has been launched by attorney Alvin H. Thomas, Jr. to help people get expert legal advice fast The site makes it easy to reach a lawyer for D.C. or Maryland criminal defense, personal injury or family disputes and get help.

Fort Washington, United States – September 26th, 2014 /PressCable/

A new website specifically geared to reach those in need of expert advice for criminal defense, personal injury or family law issues such as domestic violence charges was launched this week by attorney Alvin H. Thomas, Jr.

The site http://www.ahthomaslaw.com offers advice and an easy way to contact an attorney for fast response, even if all a person has is a cell phone.

Indeed, more than 54% of all U.S. individuals use their phones or personal devices to find legal services, especially if they've been arrested and need immediate help.

“I wanted it to be easy for people to reach me because the most important decision you can make is hiring the right attorney who has the right experience. It can make all the difference in winning or living with a ruling that can affect you for the rest of your life.” said Thomas.

The website addresses the three areas of expertise where Alvin Thomas has spent most of his career helping people.

As a Washington D.C. and Maryland attorney, he works daily with a variety of legal issues from criminal defense and trial work to negotiating on a clients' behalf to settle personal injury cases or family law disputes.

When representing clients in need of a criminal defense lawyer, Maryland and Washington courts can be brutal and experience makes a big difference.

Thomas began his career as a Judicial Clerk for Chief Judge Court of Appeals, Eric T. Washington where he learned first-hand how a bad lawyer could hurt more than help versus a good lawyer who can get far better results.

When asked why he chose this type of practice he responded “I chose to specialize in these specific types of law because that's where I feel people need the most help.”

Those who have been arrested for crimes ranging from drug crimes to DUI, robbery, crimes involving guns and domestic violence need representation fast.

On the website, the telephone number is the first thing a person will see and there is a ‘contact us' page which will send a direct message to Attorney Alvin H. Thomas, Jr. so he can respond as quickly as possible.

Much of his career has also been involved in helping people who suffered grievous personal injury due to car accidents, drunk drivers, slips and falls in public places, medical malpractice and work related injuries.

“As a D.C. and Maryland car accident lawyer, I have observed people who were given very little for personal injuries that have long term consequences just because they didn't have an experienced attorney who knew how to gather the right evidence and negotiate on their behalf. Insurance companies have highly experienced lawyers of their own and their job is to pay as little as possible!” he commented.

The website also offers information and advice for those embroiled in family legal battles. Washington D.C. and Maryland domestic violence law can be tricky and many spouses are using this as a weapon in child custody battles.

Thomas sees it as his responsibility to help resolve family law issues in a way that makes divorce or child custody battles easier for all involved. As he said, “I care a great deal about my clients and work hard to get them results. I hope this website will make it much easier for them to find me when they have a need.”

Alvin H. Thomas, Jr., Esq is a member of the Superior Court Trial Lawyers Association (SCTLA) and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). He is also a member of the bar in Washington D.C., Maryland, and California.

For more information visit the website http://www.ahthomaslaw.com or contact him directly at 301-203-0893.

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