Cycle Launches Product That Helps Potheads Become Healthy Cannabis Consumers

For too long cannabis users have had to use herb grinders made of much less than healthy materials, like plastic and aluminum, to get their medication ready to use. Cycle is a company taking a stand against this, with their soon-to-be-released true medical herb grinder.

It’s not a secret that many cannabis smokers also put a great emphasis on living very healthy and natural lifestyles. Unfortunately, the companies who make cannabis accessories have largely ignored these values, especially when it comes to the design of herb grinders, which up until now, have been made exclusively of plastic and aluminum both guilty of releasing microparticles that can damage health. Stepping up to help solve this problem is Cycle, who recently announced the launch of an exciting crowdfunding campaign to bring to market Cycle – The First True Medical Herb Grinder, the first and only healthy to use cannabis grinder on the market.

“We’re opening the door for cannabis users to crush their medication in as clean and healthy way as possible,” commented the founder of Cycle. “None of us want to drink liquids or eat food that comes in contact with cheap plastic and aluminum, so why would we want our cannabis to be potentially contaminated in these kind of ways? Now there’s no reason to, thanks to Cycle. We look forward to exceeding even very high expectations.”

According to the company, some of the highlights of Cycle, in addition to the pure surgical stainless steel materials, include: not doing any surface treatments to the surgical steel, an approach shared by some of the most well respected, health conscious brands of the food service industry; a design that is simple and easy to clean without fear of damaging the grinder; and an approach in business that is considerate and understanding of the needs and desires of cannabis enthusiasts, since the founder and co-founder of Cycle, Berlin-based Johannes and Dominic, are both cannabis enthusiasts themselves – NOT people trying to “cash in” on the growing size of the medical marijuana world.

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