Cyborg 4 Life Reveals How You Can Get Taller Even After You’ve Stopped Growing

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Cyborg 4 Life, is an online resource hub of information on the Limb Lengthening Surgery - the only way you can increase your height and get taller.

Cyborg 4 Life – an online resource website based on YouTube channel, founded by Victor Egonu, medical center operations manager and digital marketer, discusses topics on the obscure and somewhat controversial surgical procedure known as limb lengthening.

Limb Lengthening Surgery involves having an advanced orthopedic surgery specialist known as a limb lengthening surgeon, perform an osteotomy – where they break the leg (femur or tibia) bone, implant a lengthening device into the bone and instruct the patient to gradually lengthen the bone ends, pulling them apart slowly (at about 1mm per day) until desired amount is reached.

Victor had limb lengthening done himself to balance out a painful height imbalance, where one leg was shorter than the other. In fact, that was the original purpose of the procedure, to fix these discrepancies.

However, limb lengthening surgeons eventually realized they could do both limbs at the same time, bi-laterally, to increase the height of individuals who were unhappy with their height – such as those with achondroplasia or hypochondroplasia – the two most common forms of dwarfism, or those who stopped growing prematurely. This form of leg lengthening is known as cosmetic limb lengthening – more properly known as stature lengthening.

Victor created Cyborg 4 Life after getting bombarded by questions in his direct message inbox on Instagram and realized he could answer more questions at scale over a few videos. Well, it caught on. Due to the lack of credible information online, the channel took off and is into the thousands of subscribers at time of this publication and so he feels it’s his moral obligation to continue.

Victor wanted to make Cyborg 4 Life to be an online information resource via his YouTube Channel as a way to help those who were either suffering from limb length discrepancies and wanted to get it fixed or those who were short-statured and wanted to get a boost.

Cyborg 4 Life covers topics such as how much height is safe to gain, how much the cosmetic procedure costs (one of the most expensive cosmetic procedures there is), what type of complications can be involved, how long it takes to recover, how it affects your proportions, mindset and so much more. Victor and his growing channel also interview the world’s best limb lengthening surgeons as well as patients who have gone through the process to help others hear their expertise and experiences respectively to make more informed decisions.

In fact, if you’d like to learn the basics about limb lengthening surgery and how you can grow 2-5 inches taller without falling for the fake gimmicks then check out Cyborg 4 Life’s Limb Lengthening Academy – a FREE Video Mini-Series where Victor and a world class limb lengthening surgeon team up to explain the fundamentals so you can decide if limb lengthening is the right option to help you get taller and convert those thoughts of “if it’s possible to get taller” into a matter of “when”.

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