Cybersecurity & SEO Presentation at Ungagged In London by Over The Top SEO

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Cyber security from an SEO Perspective’ is at UnGagged London on June 15, at 3.30pm in the Westminster Suite, etc.venues County Hall.

Maverick former hacker and high-profile SEO entrepreneur Guy Sheetrit will call this week on his fellow optimizers to ‘take over the cyber security business from specialist infosec firms’. The 33-year-old head of Over The Top SEO will set out his bold vision of the integrated future of SEO and cyber security at the UnGagged event in London this weekend (June 15).

In his session on ‘cyber security from an SEO perspective’, Sheetrit will argue that while the infosec sector is unlikely to move into SEO, optimizers are ideally placed to compete with infosec companies in the field of security, especially for SMEs vulnerable to ransomware and other hacker black arts. Sheetrit said: ‘I’m subtitling my session ‘Donald Trump, Krishna, and Cybersecurity’ because there’s never been a better time for SEOs to move into infosec. The Russia election hack is freaking everyone out about data breaches and we’re best placed to answer the call because our SERPs monitoring algorithms pick things up even infosec operations may miss. At my company we’ve added an extra income stream from information security.

The infosec industry isn’t getting into SEO, but we’re getting into infosec. The synergies are obvious since in SEO we’re constantly monitoring our clients’ SERPs and site hosting. We might as well monitor their security too. My company is moving into this in a big way. ‘Data security will be turning over up to $170bn by the end of the decade, and hacks and downtime will by then cost ecommerce $6tn. We aim to take as much business as we can from infosec by offering ecommerce enterprises security packages built in to their SEO.

We want to go to war on malware and hackers because they mess up our clients’ search engine rankings, and we want to do it in-house rather than pay through the nose for an outsourced infosec contractor. ‘Sheetrit will tell UnGagged that with the Trump-Russia probe rolling on, and with new European regulations on data security and privacy due to take effect in May next year, SEO companies should be positioning themselves as security consultants too, so they can offer a full-spectrum service to clients seeking integrated SEO/security solutions. He added: ‘SEOs would be crazy not to get into infosec and my company is already working with clients on their security as part of their SEO package. Infosec consultants are charging $10-25k dollars just to audit a site. That money should be going into our pockets because we stay with our clients for extended periods to monitor their SERPs and hosting. We might as well monitor their security too.’ ‘We aim to lock down our clients’ data security and prepare them fully for the changes that are coming. Regulations covering data protection are set to get much stricter in the EU, and anyone holding EU citizens’ details will be legally liable for serious data breaches. Taking your eye off the ball could cost your company up to four per cent of annual turnover. In other words, a lot of cold, hard cash.

‘If our fellow SEO providers don’t get into security, they’re missing out on what should be a vital extra arm of their operation. If they don’t get into it soon, they’ll miss the boat. We’re already on it, and we’re expanding our security provision all the time.’ To request an interview with Guy Sheetrit, email or phone: +1-800-550-3101 (USA) and +44-800-086-9910 (UK)

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