Cybersecurity Employee Awareness Training SMB Education Program Report Released

SMB Security Awareness released a full report on developing a solid employee cybersecurity awareness training program to minimize the risk of cyber threats.

SMB Security Awareness, a website specializing in high-quality information on business cybersecurity solutions, launched a full report on cybersecurity awareness training for employees. The latest resource covers the importance of investing in an effective security education program, the essential topics to include in a training, and the most important tactics for employee cybersecurity training.

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The new report has been designed to provide business owners with an all-in-one resource on how to create a personalized training program on cybersecurity.

Investing in a effective cybersecurity training is crucial, and at times it can make the difference between surviving in business and filing for bankruptcy. Companies such as Johnsons Accounting Consultants were forced out of business following a cyber attack caused by one of their employees falling prey to an e-mail phishing scam.

To minimize such risks, SMB Security Awareness suggests a series of essential topics that should be included in any employee cybersecurity training program. These include a breakdown of the various types of cybersecurity threats, e-mail, internet and social media prevention policies, company data protection, and the most common red flags to look out for.

A crucial factor that needs to be considered is the importance of having good passwords.

“Today, people need passwords for unlocking their devices, for logging into their accounts, and for every work-related application,” explains the report. “It’s a lot to remember, so many people set generic passwords that are easily unraveled. This is why online cybersecurity awareness training should help employees understand how important passwords are.”

“Explain that passwords are the first line of protection to keep sensitive information safe and hackers at bay. Then, show employees how to set strong passwords that incorporate a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols,” it added.

The report concludes with an overview of the top tactics to guarantee optimal cybersecurity training for employees, from updating and repeating training regularly to sending fake phishing emails to test the way employees respond to potential threats.

With the latest announcement, SMB Security Awareness continues to expand its range of high-quality resources for companies interested in implementing proactive employee cybersecurity training strategies.

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