Cybersecurity Compliance Services For Businesses And DoD Contractors Launched

A Virginia-based company introduces their compliance services to help SMBs, as well as defense contractors, implement measures to ensure the security of their information and IT assets.

Based in Fairfax, Virginia, Hyper Vigilance launches their cybersecurity compliance services for DoD contractors and other organizations who are looking to improve their information and system security. Serving clients all over the country, the company is well equipped to handle the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises from the healthcare, finance, technology, and retail sectors.

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The newly launched services include a set of affordable and scalable solutions designed to address any non-compliance issues within an organization and take the necessary measures to keep the system in check post-implementation. The solutions cover the areas of threat protection, compliance management, and managed IT services.

Under threat protection, Hyper Vigilance helps clients become compliant by responding to threats in real time and making sure that any intruders are stopped immediately to avoid a security breach. Specifically for defense contractors, the company assists in fulfilling the daily requirements by the CMCC, which include cybersecurity logging, intrusion detection, event analysis, and incident response.

As for compliance management, Hyper Vigilance can perform such functions as providing audit support and ensuring regular compliance activities are properly completed and documented. They can also enhance the security of their clients’ infrastructure through managed IT services. They monitor and manage the IT assets remotely, thereby allowing the workforce to operate without disruptions.

As the current health crisis continues to affect countless businesses worldwide, Hyper Vigilance’s services can only be expected to become more relevant. Since managing a remote workforce is likely to be the “new normal” for a sustained period of time, the company can help organizations ensure the availability of their productivity tools, as well as the security of their data and endpoints.

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