Cybercrime on the Rise, Organisations Need Tighter Security Measures to Survive

Rootshell security talk about the rise of cybercrime over the recent years and how their vulnerability management system can give organisations a much tighter security.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and each year more and more businesses are being targeted. These cyber criminals use crafty tactics and ingenuity to gain access to business’ servers. It’s worth noting that not every cyber attack is a result of highly advanced technical know-how; phishing scams also fall under the definition of cybercrime.

Now more than ever businesses need to concentrate all of their efforts on ensuring their IT infrastructure is secure. The last thing any business owner needs is the headache of an outage caused by a cyberattack, let alone the attack itself.

The majority of companies seek the help of third-party IT companies to provide them with cybersecurity, whether that’s through the use of scanning tools or penetration tests. But there’s an issue with that: teams will then have to sift through countless data generated by the third party, and if a business uses more than one third-party vendor, it could involve scouring multiple reports.

To combat this, Rootshell Security has developed its Prism vulnerability management software, which consolidates all third-party reporting into one simple-to-use platform. This gives organisations all of the data they need to make an informed decision about the future of their security efforts.

Rootshell Security doesn’t just cater to businesses seeking vulnerability management. The team of cybersecurity experts can also perform penetration testing on an organisation’s server, which can give further insight into an organisation’s current security.

Rootshell Security is a vastly experienced team of IT security professionals who understand the drawbacks of traditional cyber threat management, and are on a mission to transform the entire process. Within today’s world, cyber threats are on the rise, and there’s no infrastructure that’s safe from cunning cybercriminals.

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