Cutting Edge Fly Repellent Gadget Goes Viral & Now Available In The UK. releases its unbiased write up and review of the ShooAway Fly Repellent, which doesn't suck. Questions are answered and the pros and cons addressed. More information can be found at

Amidst a mass of online reviews, this new to the UK fly repellent is causing a lot of noise as it instantly deters flies around food. Website has published its own review of the ShooAway Fly Repellent, which it claims ” it really doesn’t suck”.

So many fly repellent systems exict in the market place, whether they are natural, chemical or just crazy, a contender has arrived to step up the game in the form of this oustanding fly repellent.

Jason Pattinson, CEO at says “We know reviews are invaluable to the buying process. That’s why we believe reviews should be genuine and thorough. We are all about customer service and we want to offer quality service to match a quality product and we can’t help customers the way we want to if people can’t trust us then we are not doing our job..”

It appears to that there is a seemingly endless supply of overly positive reviews for many products. Pattinson believes this is due to the fact what they only publish are positive reviews due to the lack of integrity on some level so any negative elements of the product are not highlighted. This has the drawback of lowering the integrity of online reviews on a broader sense.

Jason Pattinson goes on to say “If a product is genuinely excellent, then a website should always give credit where credit is due. … but if it’s isn’t so great, then the site has to report that and should not make a point of ignoring those issues for fear of losing sales. Otherwise, it just sucks.”

In the online review of ShooAway Fly Repellent, there is a part where highlighting the positives is prevelant. For example, The design is ergonomic, which is great because it fits perfectly on any flat surface, its light, portable and makes the product an absolute pleasure to use – It Just plain works. Also, It’s safe around pets and children

However, it doesn’t betray its integrity by avoiding bias by not highlighting the flaws of the ShooAway Fly Repellent too. Such as; Although its light and great for any event where food is served, it only comes in 1 colour. Another criticism; The company could consider making this solar powered for outdoor use.

Overall, the shooaway review site ends up rating ShooAway Fly Repellent product as excellent. It also wants to emphasise that the conclusion was arrived at fairly, unbiased and with the consumer in mind.

This complete and unbiased write up and review of ShooAway Fly Repellent (that doesn’t suck) can be found at

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